How To Stay Mentally Young Forever

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Nobody can stay physically young forever (unless you know of some witchcraft we don’t). Sure, there are things you can do to look a bit younger. But eventually, age catches up with us all. A fifty-year-old may find ways to look 39 but if you’re lucky enough to turn 85, well, you’re just going to look old then. And that’s okay! What matters is how you feel. Mindset is a powerful thing. There is really no reason for us to age on the inside. We learn important life lessons and we become more mature, but handling life in a responsible manner and becoming boring and serious don’t have to go hand in hand. If you can stay mentally young forever, then I’d say that you win the game of life. Here are tips for staying mentally young forever.


Don’t take yourself too seriously

Really try to find the humor in colonoscopies, the need for squatty potties, and your prescription medication cabinet that is nearly as full as the pharmacy itself. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Very few things in life have to be serious, if we don’t let them be.


Never stop dreaming

Never stop dreaming, and pursuing your dreams. Don’t get caught up in the statistics and the probability of certain dreams coming true. Seeing the merit in chasing dreams, and actively doing so, keeps you young.


Don’t care what your age “should” look like

Do away with any ideas about what someone your age should look like, dress like, act like, or do. Those ideas only limit you and they are created by frightened people. Act every day as if those ideas don’t exist.


Try the things younger people are doing

Use the new technology, try the new weird food, watch that show they all like. Rather than rejecting and resisting younger trends, see what they’re all about for yourself.


Do something that scares you regularly

Do something daily or weekly that scares you. That could be doing standup comedy, skydiving, getting a piercing, river rafting, or skinny dipping.


Look to laugh

Make laughter the focus of your life. Make laughing your goal every hour. When you have conversations with people, look for opportunities to make jokes. See humor and laughter as the point to a conversation—the details are just a means to get you to laughter.


Focus on friendship

Put relationships before work. Work is important, of course, but put relationships just slightly above it. Always scheme up some new plan to get everyone together.


Find the positive

Look for the silver lining, the bright side, and the positive of every situation. Mindset is everything and when you look for the positive, you find the positive, you feel happy, you look happy, and you look younger.


Hang out with younger people

Have younger friends! Who says your friends have to only be your age? It’s good to hang with younger friends. They’ll help you break the routine of going to just that one restaurant or shop you like, and visiting their hole in the wall bars.


And those who are young at heart

As for people your age or older, only hang with others who are young at heart.


Avoid worriers

Avoid people who worry too much. They cloud your perspective. They make the world feel dark and sad. They are in direct opposition of your goal to find the positive.


Leave your comfort zone

Leave your comfort zone whenever you can. Take a dance class in which you’ll look silly. Stay in quirky AirBnbs rather than that five-star chain hotel you always book.


Keep traveling

Never stop traveling. Travel as much as your body will allow it. It sparks your curiosity, puts you out of your comfort zone, and broadens your horizons.


Break routine

Some routine is good but, make sure your days aren’t all perfectly mapped out down to the minute. Leave room for spontaneity. Don’t have rules about your schedule.


Flirt with and compliment strangers

Talk to strangers. Flirt with younger men. Compliment people. Chat for the sake of chatting.

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