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My mom is one of those women who looks much younger than she is—lucky lady. People meet her and are shocked to learn her actual age, usually geustimating a good 10 to 15 years younger. I would like to have people feel the same way about me when I’m her age (again, I won’t state what that is, because a lady never tells) so I’ve been paying attention to her routine, looking more closely at her habits, and just asking her what the heck she does to look so good. I’ve accumulated some information from the many women I know over the age of 60 who look like they’re still waiting on their 50th birthday. And, just for the record, none of these tips involve plastic surgery or fillers. Nor do they involve selling your soul to the devil or eating the hearts of young men. It’s all natural, simple, and even budget-friendly. Here are tips from women who look much younger than their age. putting on foundation makeup

Easy on the makeup

Lots of makeup is often a tell tale sign of someone trying to look a different age than they are. And a lot of makeup can get stuck in crows feet and wrinkles, actually accentuating those. Don’t slather your face in thick foundation to try to cover up lines. Simply going easy on the makeup does this thing to an onlooker’s subconscious that makes them believe, “Well, they aren’t trying to look young, so they must not be that old.” close up image of foundation cream make-up and brush

And choose the right makeup

If you must wear makeup (which I understand many women do) go with super light stuff. There is some makeup designed not to sink into fine lines. And after applying it, grab a sponge and soak up excess in those lines. smiling middle age

Smile often

People don’t really think about your age when you smile. It’s hard to think that a person who looks so happy could be old. The moment you smile, you look youthful—you let the child inside of you come out. Oh, and frowning leads to frown lines. up portrait smiling young woman wearing hat and sunglasses dancing at summer music festival campsite

Avoid the sun at all costs

One tip has been true across the board for these fabulous older women: they’ve avoided the sun at all costs. It just sucks up your vitality. Always wear a big rim hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses, and ask for the table under the umbrella. drinking flirting at a bar

Reduce alcohol

The women I know who have been heavy drinkers unfortunately, look older than they are. Meanwhile, the ladies who look younger weren’t big drinkers throughout their life. My mom has maybe three glasses of wine a week—in total. American woman sitting on lawn in park relaxing

Fight stress

First, when you’re stressed, you frown, and get those worry lines on your forehead. But, you also don’t sleep well, and a bad night’s rest leads to puffy eyes. Being stressed out just contributes to looking older in a lot of ways. American woman using cell phone in shoe store clothes shopping

Love your outfits

Don’t feel like you have to give up on having an enviable wardrobe just because you’re getting older. Nobody looks at, say, Jane Fonda and thinks of her as old—she just looks like she’s loving life because she goes out in outfits that make her feel like a million bucks. The key is opting for higher quality clothes that highlight the right things and cover up the other things. of an attractive young woman drying her hair with a hairdryer at home

Fluff up hair

Limp, thin hair makes anyone look older, while full, voluminous hair makes a woman look youthful and energetic. Brush your hair with your head upside down, and invest in shampoo and product that promotes growth. holding baby son applying face cream in mirror

Lighten beneath the eyes

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed is the saying because when our eyes are open and happy, we look young! So, apply some powder or foundation under your eyes that is a bit lighter than that on the rest of your face. It opens up your eyes.

Fill in thin brows

As we get older, our eyebrows begin to thin out. But a good brow mascara can add both depth and color to those brows, and help re-frame your face and make your eyes pop. in lipstick

Add bold lipstick

A woman in bold lipstick is always the most intriguing woman in the room. Something about bright red or pink lipstick just says, “I love life!” So avoid dull, natural tones and spice things up with lipsticks that pop. Black woman applying red lipstick

Line your lips

Unfortunately, as we age, our lips begin to thin out. So, invest in a good quality liner and line your lips. You can also get a plumping lipgloss. A full mouth always looks youthful. of a young woman brushing her teeth in her bathroom

Keep teeth white

Yellowing teeth is a sign of age. But, they don’t have to be. Hopefully you’ve kept up with cleanings enough to have natural pearly whites, but if you haven’t, you can look into some natural, safe whitening strips. You can also do a whitening session in your dentist’s chair. of a young woman putting in contact lenses at home

Switch to contacts

If you have to wear glasses to see, switch to contacts. Seeing eyeglasses, for whatever reason, make anyone who wears them look older. Even your friend who is only 20 looks 40 in her glasses. status: MR. Release reference: 070807_4d.jpg: Time of day: daylight.

Get a good mirror

A middle age woman cannot be without a good mirror. Get one that amplifies and zooms in, so you can get a good look at your makeup while you do it. You don’t want to be caught in broad daylight with the nasty surprise that you have powder drying and cracking around your crows feet.

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