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In a recent interview with V-103’s Frank & Wanda‘s Morning Show, Dr. Gregory Lunceford opened up about the demise of his marriage to Married to Medicine‘s Quad Webb, and why he ended up securing a hotel room with a woman who he claims he never actually cheated with. He claimed that his estranged wife withheld sex from him, leaving their shared bedroom years ago.

“That was the stupidest thing I’d ever done in my life that night, to end up in that hotel room,” he said. “At that time, most of the time that I’ve been married to Quad, we were not having sex. And that was very embarrassing to say because people always looked at us and the running joke was, ‘Why is she with you? She’s so fine and you’re this doctor and everything.’ I never saw it that way. But at the same time, who’s willing to say, in front of all these people, that your wife isn’t having sex with you? You’re doing all of this stuff, you’re paying all of the bills, you help put her on this platform, and she’s in the other room. We hid all of this. It was very embarrassing. And that was a huge part of why I did what I did.”

If you thought Quad was going to keep quiet after he put their business out there, you’re very much mistaken. In a new interview with Hollywood Unlocked, Quad, who said their relationship is “pretty much over,” claimed her estranged husband’s V-103 conversation involved sharing a lot of lies.

“Recently, my husband, he went out publicly and he’s made some statements that have been completely untrue,” she said. “About me, about our marriage, he stated that we had not had sex since the second year of our marriage. I’m in my 30s [laughs]. I’m like, ‘I do this for the D!’ [laughs]”

She also addressed her own thoughts on why things between the couple began to erode over the last few years.

“Who we see today that my husband has morphed into is not who he was. It’s fame, it’s television,” she said. “When I first met my husband, my husband used to wear argyle sweaters, pleated pants with the argyle socks to match. Penny loafers with the penny in them! This is all facts. I introduced him to more expensive things, nicer things. You know, I bought him his first pair of Gucci shoes. Took him on his first helicopter ride. Popped his first bottle of champagne with him. So it’s very alarming. That’s what we did on the surface. But more so, I gave him my heart.”

To push that point further about how he changed once he started getting attention, she brought up a time where Dr. Greg talked her out of stepping away from Married to Medicine after she was attacked by former co-star Lisa Nicole Cloud.

“If you guys could go back a couple of seasons ago, there was a young lady I got into it with, there was an argument,” she said. “The lady threw water on me. Then she threw a glass at me… I told him, ‘I’ve never worked in any corporate capacity or been on any job where it was OK to be treated this way. I’ve never had anyone throw anything in my face, much less, cut me with glass, so I think I’m going to pull back from Married to Medicine.’ I actually ended up sitting out for three weeks. But I told him, ‘I’m going to step away from Married to Medicine,’ and he said, ‘Why would you do that? Why would you do that? It’s going to be different. People are not going to know who I am anymore.’ And I said, ‘No they will still know who you are. They will still recognize you.’ He said, ‘But yeah, it’s going to be different.’ At that point I said, oh this man is willing to sell me up the river to get the level of fame he wants to achieve. That was disheartening, and I said, he couldn’t be for me.”

So as the distance started to grow between them, Quad confirmed that she did indeed move out of their bedroom to find some peace.

“I did leave the bedroom because he was very combative,” she said. “I was just like, I can’t live like this. I can’t wake up in the morning and be in an argument with you. I can’t wake up in the morning and constantly be on this emotional rollercoaster with you. There would be times I would completely leave the house and just drive around Atlanta until he left and went to work, then I would go back home.”

She was even asked by host Jason Lee about whether or not there had been any violence in their marriage. Quad didn’t answer yes or no, but she did say things had gotten quite ugly at times, and that had a great deal to do with the reason she didn’t have a child with Dr. Greg.

“It was very, very, very dark times. There’s been some very dark times,” she said. “It was a lot going on, I’ll just say that. I don’t want to say too much right now. There was more than a number of reasons why I didn’t have a child so soon into the marriage. We were getting to know each other. We were trying to make sure that we would be on the same page and be stable within our marriage. And then so many things just began to consistently happen. The closer I wanted to have a child, the further away the idea came because it was just turbulence. It’s really unfair to say, ‘I don’t care, it’s all about what I want! I want a child and no matter what this environment is, I’m going to put this child in a situation where they’re not going to be emotionally happy,’ because we weren’t.”

So for those who’ve been questioning her and criticizing the way she handled things in her marriage, Quad said they shouldn’t let TV fool them. There is a lot people don’t see and know.

“Let me tell you some of the things I’ve heard: ‘Oh she never loved him, she never wanted to be with him, she just used him.’ Used him for what?” she said. “When I met him he was only making $12,000 more than me! How? And I’ve always had mine. It baffles me. They saw me in medical sales first season of Married to Medicine. They saw me still calling on doctors, I’ve always been ambitious. Just because I’m now married to a physician doesn’t mean that all my goals and aspiration, they flee me. It doesn’t mean that. It doesn’t mean, ‘I’m a housewife now, I ain’t gotta work.’ Had I been just a housewife they would have said I was a kept woman. Had I had a baby immediately, they would have said I was trying to secure the bag. So it’s nothing I can really do but just be Quad. I hear that I can’t have children. I knew that I can’t have kids. I hear that I’m sterile. I’m still trying to find out, like, where are y’all getting these reports from, because when I go to the doctor they say it’s poppin’!”

And to clear up all rumors, Quad finished by saying, “And I don’t steal furniture!” in reference to the claim she cleared out their home of the furniture when she moved out.

“They said I took everything out of the house!” she said. “I split the furniture half and half, honestly.”

The reality star and Sister Circle host covered a lot of ground in her interview with Hollywood Unlocked. Check it out for yourself below:


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