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Just yesterday, we wrote about radio host Wanda Smith and how she really brought the interaction with Katt Williams on herself…and then involved her husband in the madness. And while Smith claimed that she was not playing the victim in this scenario, yesterday she went back and forth with her co-host Frank Ski arguing about whether or not he should have stepped in, stood up for her or stopped the interaction from playing on the radio or being posted online.

See what the two had to say below.

Wanda Smith: When I found out Katt Williams was coming, I got excited. Every time I would ask him something or say something, he kind of came for me. I’m not that kind of comedian. I don’t go tit for tat. That’s not what I do. That’s not my thing. I didn’t know how to retaliate or how to come back. I didn’t want to talk to him like that. When he started coming at me, it kind of threw me off. But as it kept going on and on, as a person that has integrity, I had to say something back and I didn’t want to. That bothered me so bad. I could have said some really, ugly foul things but I didn’t want to go at him like that. That was so hurtful.

…I was looking at his eyes and it was like an attack.

After a listener called in and said that Wanda started the whole exchange and chastised her and her husband for escalating the situation to a threat or possible threat of gun violence, Wanda deflected and asked Frank about his role in all of this.

Eventually, Wanda said: To be honest with you, Frank, it caught me totally off guard. After it went on for a while, I wanted it to end. And I know you’re normally the person who cuts things off. And that never happened.

Frank: No, that did happen. I tried to go to break like three times and y’all kept going.

Wanda: I think at some point I was expecting, ‘Alright y’all, enough of that.’ Because both of us were like kids. It didn’t end. And I was expecting you to, as the man of the house, to stop the kids from playing.

Frank: Honestly, truly, what happened with you and Katt is not new. You and Sophia have done it. We’ve had that conversation, we’ve gone past the bumper. We’ve done that before. When we’re sitting in the heat of the moment and what’s going on in the studio, it was funny going back and forth and that’s why it kept going.

To me, I’m not the comedian. I’m not going to take the role of a comedian, that’s not my job. When I see two comedians going at it, that’s the way I looked at it. It was funny. Yes, Katt got the best of it. But there have been times when you got the best of it. I don’t cut you off and I don’t cut other people off. So I’m not about to be on the radio and be fake. I just didn’t feel that way. I thought that’s what you wanted.

Wanda: “The people that did hear it on the radio, it should’ve been left there. As far as the viral stuff and going on our website, I felt like that was disrespectful to me. This is where I live. I’m not going to bring somebody to my mother’s house and have them break in her house. I’m not going to let somebody come in here and disrespect you. If that would’ve happened, I would’ve stepped in.”

Frank: “Understand this: I, as a person who is not a comedian, did not look at it as being disrespectful. I looked at it as two comedians playing the Joneses. Somebody’s got to lose, and it just so happens on that day you lost. I’ve sat here and watched other people and I’ve felt sorry for other people. We’ve dogged out other people on this show before. We’ve made people look stupid before. We’ve hurt other people’s feelings before. I didn’t feel in the moment that you were hurt.

“First of all, I don’t appreciate people saying, ‘You should’ve stopped it,’ because we both have the responsibility to stop it. You have just as much responsibility to say to go to break as I do. You could’ve looked at the producer and said, ‘OK cut it,’ and he would’ve cut it – but you didn’t do that. You kept going back and forth, so you got just as much power as I do. So, I don’t want people to listen to the show and think that I got this magic button that I push. I’m watching two comedians go back and forth. That’s what we did, and it was funny. And I think that had it gone the other way, we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now. If you won over Katt Williams, we wouldn’t be sitting here having this conversation. So it’s unfair to say I should’ve stopped it just because you lost. That’s unfair. I never want to hurt your feelings. You are my partner and I love you. So the fact that it happened and hurt your feelings, I feel bad for. But your husband shouldn’t have picked up the phone and called me. That was wrong. This is business. That’s inappropriate. So I was hurt by that. But I understood because looking online and seeing everything that happened online was hurtful. I’m not sitting online, laughing. People talking about you, hurts me. So, I didn’t like it…But I thought you were cool with it.”

Frank and Wanda also discussed whether or not Frank should have released the video. At the end of the conversation, Frank acknowledged that Katt Williams has a lot going on and said that if she reached out and apologized or extended an olive branch, he might be receptive to it. He said “Hurt people hurt people but we just gotta love them even more.” 

To that point, Katt Williams said some pretty inflammatory things about Tiffany Haddish and whether or not she deserves the fame and accolades she’s received. In response, Haddish took the highest road and said this.

When they did run into each other, Williams took a position of deference, bowing in front of Haddish. She posted the moment on Instagram.

So he already know what’s up. Hopefully, their exchange was authentic and he’ll watch his mouth…when it comes to people who haven’t done anything to him.

You can watch the whole exchange with Wanda and Frank in the video below.



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