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MARRIED TO MEDICINE — ‘Husbands Cooking Dinner Finale’ Episode 110 — Pictured: (l-r) Quad Webb-Lunceford, Dr. Gregory Lunceford — (Photo by: Wilford Harewood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

There has been a whole lot of conversation about what contributed to the downfall of Dr. Gregory and Quad Lunceford’s marriage. She’s pointed to infidelity. He’s said that they weren’t having sex. And then there’s a third story from a woman named Jackie Presley who is rumored to have blackmailed Dr. Greg after the two engaged in sexual activity with one another.

In an interview with V103, Dr. Greg claimed that while he had intentions of sleeping with Presley but when he got in the room with her, he realized he was making a mistake and left. But when Presley sat down with V103, she told an entirely different story.

She said that the only reason Dr. Greg left the room was because she wouldn’t allow him to sleep with her without a condom. She said that they were kissing, “oral sex happened.” But then, Dr. Greg tried to climb on top of her to have intercourse without a condom. When Presley refused, Dr. Greg told her he was going to go out and get a condom. But he never came back. Instead, he texted Presley telling her to enjoy the room and he would see her another time.

Presley said that she had no idea who Dr. Greg was. She thought he was familiar but had never seen “Married to Medicine” and didn’t know who he was and the fact that he was married. But she learned later.

“The next morning, the bill came under the door and I found out his last name and I Googled him,” Presley said. “That’s how I found out who he was. Never knew he was a doctor, never knew he was on a show. He just said his name was Gregory, he didn’t say no occupation.”

“I saw he was married. I was disgusted. How are you trying to have unprotected sex with me the night before and you’re going to leave me and go home to your wife? I found his wife’s Instagram. I got on her Instagram and I told her what had happened.”

Frank asks, “Why did you do that?”

“Because it’s disgusting to me. Even though I made a decision to possibly have a one-night-stand with somebody, this guy was going to try to have unprotected sex with me and go home to his wife. I feel like she should know. If I was a married woman, I would want some little chick to reach out to me and tell me what my husband’s doing. So that’s that…We live in Atlanta where the HIV rate is crazy. You don’t know my status. I don’t have anything but you don’t know my status.”

There was quite a bit of slut shaming that took place during this interview. Frank seemed to be convinced that she was trying to extort money. (A fact Presley refuted by saying if that was her intention, why would she tell Quad?) And Wanda seemed to want to press the fact that she was going to have a one-night stand with a man she didn’t know.

I just want to say briefly that this same energy was not exhibited toward Dr. Greg—the married party in all of this. The man who took vows. The one who was knowingly going to cheat on his wife…without a condom. Those offenses are far greater than a woman who wanted to have sex with a stranger. And even if she was trying to get some money out of it, she couldn’t have done so, if Dr. Greg was committed to his marriage or at least had enough integrity not to sleep with other women until said marriage was over. He is the one who put himself and his wife in the position to be coerced in this way. The burden is on him. But y’all know how we love to blame women. It’s habit.

What I really want to ask though is this question of ethics. I want us to put ourselves in Ms. Presley’s shoes. If you were a woman who made the decision of having an almost-one-night stand, and then learned later that the man was married, would you feel morally or ethically obligated to tell his wife what happened?

First of all, kudos to Ms. Presley for demanding Dr. Greg wear a condom. Who knows how many times he’s found himself in situations like these with women who didn’t require that they have sex safely. So it seems to me that safe sex is a priority to her. She knows the risks of having unprotected sex in Atlanta. It ain’t safe. And as another woman, she wanted to warn Quad of the fact that her husband was potentially dangerous. I get that and there’s something admirable about it.

I know there are people who will argue that because they didn’t sleep together, there was no need to burden the wife, that perhaps she was adding undue stress and pressure to an already unhealthy marriage. And I get that too. Still, this is the reason monogamous marriages are supposed to be with two people. They’re designed to prevent third parties from being involved. Another strange woman should never be able to tell a wife and the world intimate details about her husband. But again, it’s not Presley’s fault that she’s involved. We have to point another finger at Dr. Greg.

Which makes me wonder, since Dr. Greg obviously wasn’t honoring his marriage and looking out for Quad’s emotional and physical health in a responsible way, what’s wrong with another woman stepping in to do so?

You can watch the full interviews with Dr. Greg and with Ms. Presley to get both sides of the story.



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