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Dating a narcissist, at first, can feel incredibly exciting. You have to understand that narcissists choose their relationships—from platonic to romantic and even to familial—based on personal gain. They do not choose romantic partners because they believe that partner deserves love and kindness. They choose partners because they believe their partner can give them things—an ego boost, a better social ranking, or emotional support. Narcissists only come from a place of take, take, take. But, in order to do that, they at first need to pretend to come from a place of give, give, give. So they give you lots of compliments, they give you lots of gifts, and they give you lots of attention. This is all so that, later, when they turn on you, you feel obligated to stay. But you aren’t obligated to a narcissist. Here is why you can never be happy with a narcissist.

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They think they know what’s best for you

Narcissists believe they know what’s best for everyone. They believe they know what’s better for you even more than you know what’s better for you. For that reason, they tend to be pretty bossy and instruct you on how to live your life. They even become angry when you don’t take their advice.

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