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Michelle Obama Essentially Raises A Black Power Fist During Last Commencement Speech As First Lady

June 3rd, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: NBC

Source: NBC

I know I can’t be the only one waiting for the Obamas to do undeniably Black things in their last few months in office. And while I often wish they would push the envelope a little bit farther, there have been glimmers of those moments. Like when President Obama laughed knowingly before shaking up with comedian Larry Wilmore after he said the n-word. Or President Obama commuting the sentences of 61 non-violent offenders, many of whom were people of color. Or the meeting he took with Black Lives Matter. There was also the invitation of 106-year-old Virgina McLaurin to the White House, where she danced with the first couple.

And today, our first lady, Michelle Obama did something similar in her last commencement speech as FLOTUS.

Mrs. Obama spoke at City College today, evoking the relevancy of the American dream.

“It’s the story that I witness every single day, when I wake up in a house that was built by slaves and I watch my daughters, two beautiful, Black, young women, head off to school, waving goodbye to their father, the President of the United States. The son of a man from Kenya who came here to America, for the same reasons as many of you, to get an education and improve his prospects in life.

So, graduates while I think it’s fair to say that our founding fathers never could have imagined this day, all of you are very much the fruits of their vision. Their legacy is very much your legacy and your inheritance. And don’t let anybody tell you differently. You are the living, breathing proof that the American Dream endures in our time. It’s you.”

There’s only one response to that.

You can watch Mrs. Obama’s full commencement speech in the video below.

A Look At The Many Dresses Of Michelle Obama At The White House Correspondents Dinner Over The Years

May 2nd, 2016 - By Brande Victorian
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One of the things that’s always talked about as much as the jokes delivered at the annual White House Correspondents Dinner is what the First Lady is wearing. For the past eight years we’ve been lucky enough to watch a strikingly regal African American woman be on the receiving end of that attention, and year after year Michelle Obama’s steps her style game up even more than the dinner prior. Given that Saturday’s event marked the last time we’ll see President Barack Obama and the FLOTUS as the guests of honor at the White House Correspondents Dinner, we thought it was time to take a stroll through Mrs. Obama’s looks over the years and how her slayage got better and better with time.

The Funniest And Most Provocative Moments From President Obama’s Final WHCD

May 2nd, 2016 - By Nneka Samuel
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Image Source: Shutterstock

Image Source: Shutterstock

On Saturday, April 30, President Obama delivered his 8th and final White House Correspondents’ Dinner speech.  As always, his remarks were filled with smart jokes, clever political jabs and, for the first time, a mic drop to end all mic drops.

Following President Obama was no easy feat, but ‘twas comedian and the host of The Nightly Show, Larry Wilmore’s job for the night.  If you haven’t already heard, one Wilmore comment, in particular, left many folks, shall we say, less than thrilled.  Here are the top moments from President Obama’s last WHCD.

Image Source: AP/Susan Walsh

Image Source: AP/Susan Walsh

You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone

After his brief introduction, President Obama walked up to the podium with the song “When I’m Gone” playing in the background.  “You can’t say it, but you know it’s true,” joked the President, reflecting on the song’s lyrics. “You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone.”  It’s definitely true.  You will be missed, Mr. President!

Watch Barack And Michelle’s Love Story Unfold In This “Southside With You” Trailer

April 29th, 2016 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Watch Barack And Michelle's Love Story Unfold In This "Southside With You" Trailer


You’ve heard the stories, now watch them unfold.

Miramax finally dropped a full-length trailer for their forthcoming film, Southside With You, which attempts to retell some of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama’s love story by depicting what their first date may have been like.

As we’ve heard in the past, Michelle was reluctant to give Barack a chance because he was her intern, and somehow, she managed to convince herself their first outing on a summer day in 1989 was NOT a date. However, the future POTUS’ charm was too much to resist, and eventually, he won her over.

We can’t say that she didn’t put up a good fight, though. First, by busting his chops about being late to pick her up in addition to showing up late on his first day of work, and then, by telling him that she couldn’t date him out of concern for what her colleagues would think.

“This is not a date. How is it going to look if I start dating the first cute Black guy that walks through the firm’s doors?” asks Michelle, who is played by Tika Sumpter. “It would be tacky.”

Of course, all Barack heard was that Michelle thought he was cute. And well, the rest is history.

Southside With You hits theaters in August. Check out the adorable trailer below. We’re pretty sure it’s going to give you all the feels.

Was This Tango With President Obama Inappropriate?

March 24th, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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Was This Tango With President Obama Inappropriate?

Source: AP Images

If you know anything about dance, you know the tango has a very passionate, very touchy-feely vibe to it. Naturally, as the dance originated in Argentina, it was only right that President Obama and the First Lady get a chance to experience it firsthand as they’re traveling through Latin America.

Yesterday, at a state dinner held in his honor, the President and First Lady danced in Buenos Aires with some performers.

While some were criticizing the dance for being inappropriate in light of the recent attacks in Brussels, others, like me, are looking at the way the lady dancer threw her leg up on the president during their dance.

Now listen, a part of me gets it. The lifted leg is a tango staple. Still, not only is President Obama the leader of the free world and a married man, his wife was standing right there.

Now, I don’t think the woman was trying to push up, she was just doing her thing. Too bad that thing just so happens to be spreading her legs and throwing it up on his waist. Tradition or not, it’s sexual. She seemed cool, gushing over the first lady just the way we would if she were in our presence.

And from the looks of the video, it would appear that President Obama was trying to put an end to that quickly, shifting the momentum so she had to cut that out.

The question is, do you think it was inappropriate?

Personally, it gave me pause seeing it. And I know if I were in her position, I would never try anything like that. Still, I’m not a dancer or Argentinian, steeped in the culture.

What do you think about this move? Do you think President Obama handled it appropriately?

Check out the video below to watch the full thing.

Let’s Move! Mommynoire Visits The White House With First Lady Michelle Obama

March 24th, 2016 - By Kweli Wright
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Michelle Obama talking about Let's Move! photo: Patrice Tartt

Michelle Obama talking about Let’s Move! photo: Patrice Tartt

When First Lady Michelle Obama invites 150 parent bloggers to join her at the White House for a conversation about the health and wellbeing of the nation’s children, you say yes to the invite. It was truly an unforgettable experience, and an honor to sit before some of the most prestigious women, representing nutrition and health from our government agencies.

The event was perfectly planned, and well executed, with words from the First Lady Michelle Obama, the Executive Director of Let’s Move! and Senior Policy Advisor for Nutrition, the Acting Assistant Secretary for Health, and Co-chair of President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition, along with other Administration officials. The experience was so phenomenal, that #LetsMove began trending on Twitter due to all of us utilizing social media to share the conversation with the world. It is simply powerful what we as parents can do when we all come together collectively for one cause, one mission.

Patrice Tartt

Patrice Tartt

The day was fun-filled, exciting, and extremely educational. From the cooking demonstration by the White House Executive Chef, the tour of the White House Kitchen Garden, and last but not least, the remarks by the First Lady, it was amazing to learn of the many ways in which we the parents, can support our children on the right path to a healthy future from the time that they are babies, all the way through their school aged years.

“…as many of you know, we’re working to create healthier daycare centers and schools for all of our kids, with more nutritious food and more physical activity.” –First Lady, Michelle Obama

Let’s Move! was launched by First Lady in 2010. She started this initiative to help kids and their families lead healthier lifestyles. The goal is to foster environments that support healthy choices, whether it be healthier foods in our children’s schools, making sure that families have access to healthy foods that are affordable, along with promoting physical activity. We are all equally responsible for making sure that the nation’s children has access to a healthy lifestyle.

The greens garden at The White House

The greens garden at The White House

“…As parents, we decide where to spend our money. And believe it or not, we truly have the power to control the marketplace for food in this country. Just think about it. All these healthier, better-for-you products that we’re seeing on the shelves now, they didn’t just come out of nowhere. Fast-food places didn’t just randomly decide to add apple slices and skim milk to their kids’ meals. No, these products were developed because we demanded them, and companies stepped up to meet the demand.” -First Lady, Michelle Obama

After six years of Let’s Move! launching, nearly 80 million people live in a Let’s Move City, Town, or Country, over 30 million kids have access to a healthy breakfast and lunch in their school, and thousands of chain restaurants have healthier menus for kids. Talk about a ground-breaking and results driven initiative!

Here are a few ways in which moms can help support Let’s Move! and become involved:


  • Let’s Move! Active Schools: Ensure that your children are getting the adequate physical activity in and out of school, especially during the school breaks and summer break when school is out. In addition to this, making plans to eat healthier as a family keeps everyone accountable. Visit: and


  • Let’s Move! Outside: Take advantage of America’s great outdoors! There are approximately 200 Let’s Move! Junior Ranger program in the United States. Visit:


  • Let’s Move! Museums and Gardens: Visit your local and or national museums and gardens. Nearly, 700 museums and gardens within the United States have programs and interactive exhibits to encourage families to increase physical activity and healthy foods. Visit:

Find a local Let’s Move! program in your area today here.

To learn more about Let’s Move! and to stay connected with the First Lady’s initiative, be sure to follow the social media accounts here:



Instagram: @WHKitchenGarden

Have You Heard Michelle Obama’s New Empowering Song Featuring Missy Elliott, Zendaya, Janelle Monáe & More?

March 19th, 2016 - By Ashley Monaé
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Photo Credit: Instagram/@rcarecords

Photo Credit: Instagram/@rcarecords

Prior to making her SXSW debut, First Lady Michelle Obama dropped yet another fire track with a group of talented ladies that we all love for a great cause. Now this isn’t a first for Obama, as she’s made it known she loves to bust a mean two-step with her Let’s Move initiative and her “Go to College” rap collaboration with SNL comedian Jay Pharaoh.

On Tuesday (Mar. 15), Obama’s newest call to action song “This Is For My Girls” was released, an anthem centered around empowering young girls to make their voices heard.

“This is for my girls all around the world. Stand up and be heard” goes the chorus, referencing its support of  Obama’s Let Girls Learn and the White House’s #62MillionGirls campaign, an initiative to shed light on “62 million girls around the world” who “are denied the right to an education.”

Although the song omits Obama impressive bars, Missy Elliott, Zendaya, Kelly Rowland, Janelle Monáe, Kelly Clarkson, Chloe & Halle, Jadagrace, Lea Michele, and more lend their voices to the track penned by legendary songwriter Diane Warren.

Press play below and get into this new song!

“They Grow Up Too Fast”: Malia, Sasha Obama Turn Heads At Their First State Dinner

March 11th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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The first kids at last nights state dinner. #SashaObama #MaliaObama #potus #flotus #whitehouse #firstkids

A photo posted by Chicks ‘n’ Politics (@chicksnpolitics) on

In a room full of dignitaries and Canadian-born celebrities (no, Drake was not present), all eyes managed to be on two of the youngest guests attending the Trudeau State Dinner last night at the White House.

The dinner, which honored Canada’s newest prime minister, Justin Trudeau, was Malia and Sasha Obama’s very first state dinner and black-tie gala. Malia, 17, and Sasha, 14, were sandwiched between celebrities like Grey’s Anatomy star Sandra Oh and actress Blake Lively, who is married to actor Ryan Reynolds. Oh and Reynolds are both from Canada.

Trudeau, 44, who is the son of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, made mention of both young ladies during his speech at the dinner. He recounted his own experience as the child of a world leader who grew up in the spotlight, as his father was in office from the time he was born up until he was 8.

“The memories for me of being a kid and not being old enough to attend these kinds of events with my father almost makes me wish I had gone through my teenage years as a child of a world leader—but not quite,” Trudeau joked.

He continued, “I admire you very much, both of you, for your extraordinary strength and your grace, through what is a remarkable childhood and young adulthood that will give you extraordinary strength and wisdom beyond your years for the rest of your life. The one thing that you have received from your extraordinary parents is the tools to be able to handle the challenges and the opportunities in front of you. So thank you very much for joining us tonight.”

And President Obama, who has spoken extensively over the last few years about the excitement, and sometimes sadness, of watching his little girls grow up, acknowledged the teens once again when it was time for him to take his place at the podium and speak. They’re far from the 7 and 10-year-old children they were back when President Obama took office in 2008.

“They grow up too fast,” he said. “This fall, Malia heads off to college. And I’m starting to choke up.”

And, as previously reported, once Malia heads to school, the Obama family will stay in D.C. for a couple of years, as opposed to returning to Chicago, so that Sasha can finish her studies at the private school Sidwell Friends.

Check out images of the First Family during last night’s dinner, with all of the Obama women looking like a million bucks. Oh, and, of course, President Obama, Prime Minister Trudeau and Mrs. Sophie Grégoire Trudeau didn’t look too shabby either (Michelle and Sophie both wore Jason Wu, who was raised in Vancouver by the way, and Malia and Sasha wore Naeem Khan).

Malia Obama

Corbis/Olivier Douliery/Abaca

Malia Obama attends a state dinner at the White House March 10, 2016 in Washington, DC. Photo by Olivier Douliery/Abaca

Corbis/Olivier Douliery/Abaca

Sasha Obama

Corbis/Olivier Douliery/Abaca

Sasha Obama

Corbis/Olivier Douliery/Abaca

Michelle and Barack Obama





President Barack Obama & First Lady Michelle Obama Confirmed As SXSW Keynotes

March 5th, 2016 - By Ashley Monaé
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Michelle Obama talks the benefits of turning 50

Source: WENN

It’s that time of the season y’all: music festival season, that is.

And South By Southwest (SXSW) just gave all other festivals a run for their money when they announced who would be keynote speakers for their annual conferences. Drum roll, please! This year’s speakers will be none other than President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

The exciting news was revealed on Wednesday (Mar. 2), when the SXSW site announced that Barack will “appear as part of a Keynote Conversation at SXSW Interactive” on Friday, March 11, and Michelle will take center stage as the opening Keynote at SXSW Music on Wednesday, March 16.

President Obama is set to sit with Evan Smith, CEO/ Editor in Chief of The Texas Tribune, for “a conversation about civic engagement in the 21st Century before an audience of creators, early adopters and entrepreneurs who are defining the future of our connected lives.”

The First Lady will discuss her amazing Let Girls Learn initiative, which aims to educate young girls (approx. 62 million) to have the opportunity to attend school, in an effort to celebrate Women’s History Month.

I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate our event’s 30th year than to welcome both the President and First Lady to SXSW,” said Co-founder Roland Swenson. “As each new generation comes up at SXSW they look for ways they can be of service, and it’s important to reflect and support the message. President and Mrs. Obama’s visit here will inspire attendees to that purpose.”

106-Year-Old Virginia McLaurin Dances Her Way Into The White House

February 22nd, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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106-year-old virginia mclaurin feat

Source: White House Facebook

President Obama is trending for his interaction with young children. But he’s also pretty popular with the folks on the opposite end of the spectrum. Last week, to celebrate Black History Month, the White House opened its doors to Civil Rights leaders, the King family, young children and more.

106-year-old Virginia McLaurin was among the attendees. When they announced her name she squealed with excitement before bopping up and down. Then, when President Obama asked her if she wanted to meet Mrs. Obama, she moved with much vigor and much excitement.

Grasping both of their hands, McLaurin, a native of South Carolina who moved to D.C. in 1941, told the first couple “I thought I would never live to get in the White House. And I tell you, I am so happy to have a Black president…a Black wife.”

That Black wife line tickled me to my core. Because not only is it obvious that Michelle is Black and has been Black, it’s quite a nice image to see in the highest office of the land.

McLaurin, who will turn 107 next month, says she prays daily for her mind to remain sharp so that she won’t become a burden to anyone. God has certainly been answering that prayer.

Check out the brief but inspiring video from her visit below.