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Stephen Colbert Will Replace David Letterman When He Retires From ‘The Late Show’ Next Year

April 10th, 2014 - By Tonya Garcia
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Stephen Colbert paid a visit to Jimmy Fallon to congratulate him on his 'Tonight Show' job. Now Fallon can return the favor. via @StephenAtHome

Stephen Colbert paid a visit to Jimmy Fallon to congratulate him on his ‘Tonight Show’ job. Now Fallon can return the favor. via @StephenAtHome

Update: Stories we’ve read since this news first broke report that Colbert will probably be doing The Late Show as himself. After nearly a decade, Colbert could be putting his satirical alter ego to rest.

“CBS said creative elements, producers and even the location of the show will be announced at a later date. “He is not going to play that character,” said Nina Tassler CBS Entertainment in an interview. (via VarietyStill, the intelligence and humor that he brings to the character is what CBS is banking on. That and his ability to attract a younger audience, which is what all of the late-night shows are looking for. The average age of a Colbert Report viewer is 41.9. The average age for a viewer tuning in to both the Jimmys is over 50.

Moreover, The Late Show will probably stay in New York City at the Ed Sullivan Theater. In an interview that aired on CBS This Morning, CBS head Les Moonves says the network is being courted by everyone in Los Angeles to make the move. (Remember, Jimmy Fallon moved The Tonight Show back to the East coast when he took the hosting duties.) However, Colbert lives in Montclair, NJ and CBS owns the theater, a landmarked location. And the goal is to start Colbert right after Letterman retires.

As for Comedy Central, they’ve got to deal with a hole at 11:30. “‘The Daily Show’ won’t be going anywhere just yet, and ‘@Midnight’” (at midnight) has become a bona fide hit. There is no question that Comedy Central will have a new 11:30 p.m. show come 2015; the only question is what,” says Capital New York. The Times speculates that they could go with Amy Schumer, the popular comedienne who already has a show on the network, because late night could use a woman. Or they could go with Key & Peele (also with a Comedy Central show) to spice things up with diversity.

Original story below

Well, I guess our speculation and requests went ignored. CBS has announced that Stephen Colbert will replace David Letterman when he retires from late-night television next year. (We’re big fans, BTW. If only for this right here.)

The announcement comes shortly after rumors that Colbert was a front runner for the job began circulating. Moreover, it comes on the heels of a controversy over a tweet that took one of his skits — a play on the racism of the Washington Redskins football team name — out of context and offended Asian Americans. It sparked a #CancelColbert hashtag that has been comically revived and is currently trending.

A statement from CBS says Colbert has signed a five-year deal, though it hasn’t yet been specified when Letterman will step down. Colbert’s contract with Comedy Central also ends in the coming months.

“I’m thrilled and grateful that CBS chose me. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go grind a gap in my front teeth,” Colbert said after the announcement was made.

David Letterman has been on late-night television for 33 years. Colbert, who’s 49 years old, has been host of The Colbert Report  on Comedy Central since 2005. He launched his conservative Bill O’Reilly-like persona on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart before that.

Which begs the question of what will happen to the satirical news personality that Colbert has inhabited almost wholly in public for the past 10-plus years. Just this morning on the commute in, we were reading this story from The New York Times that speculated about the impact it would have to move Colbert to the Late Show desk. On the one hand, it would be a shame to have to give up the wit and humor that has become a Colbert staple. But if it can be moved to CBS, that would be a gem.

“If CBS gives him room and support to rethink the form, Mr. Colbert could reinvigorate late-night talk and provide a radically different alternative to Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel,” the article says.

For more about the dollars and cents behind the late-night TV game, click here for our “By the Numbers” story.

CBS Chief Diversity Officer Promoted To EVP: Meet Josie Thomas

January 14th, 2014 - By Madame Noire
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cbs twittervia Black Enterprise

Josie Thomas was recently promoted to executive vice president and chief diversity officer at CBS Corp.

In this role, she will continue to oversee the company’s diversity efforts across all of its businesses. She will lead multidimensional diversity strategies working with talent, national advocacy groups, vendors, professional service suppliers and company executives, among others. In addition, she will continue to be the executive sponsor of CBS’s affinity and employee networking groups, while spearheading the CBS Diversity Council of employees, which serves to strengthen diversity and inclusion dialogue across the corporation.

Read more about Josie Thomas and her new job at

Judy Smith To Executive Produce New CBS Medical Drama, ‘The Advocate’

November 6th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Judy Smith

Source: ABC

The woman who not only inspired, but is executive producer of popular ABC political thriller, Scandal, has just signed on to produce her second television series, Shadow and Act reports.

According Eurweb, Judy will be teaming up with CSI executive producer Carol Mendelsohn for a new series titled The Advocate. The series centers around a former doctor who experiences a career change and finds her calling as a medical advocate, working on behalf of  patients and loved ones. Similar to Olivia Pope the series’ protagonist will solve crises, except the issues presented will be relevant to the medical field.

The script, which was penned by Ayelet Waldman, has been picked up by CBS. So far there has been no word of an official premiere date or public discussion regarding which actors and actresses are being considered for roles, but we will certainly keep you posted as more details develop.

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in seeing?

Halle Berry Takes Her Talent (And Beauty) To Television To Star In CBS Drama “Extant”

October 4th, 2013 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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"Halle Berry pf"


Though summer just ended, you have a reason to look forward to next summer. And it’s not just because of the warm weather and the opportunity to walk the streets half-dressed. You should get excited because Halle Berry is coming to CBS to star in the new drama Extant. 

Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television and CBS Television Studios will produce the 13-episode drama. Berry will star as an astronaut who comes home after a year by herself in space, and upon her return, she tries to bond with her husband and son again, but what she goes through in space and at home will for some reason lead to some “history-changing events.”

Yeah, I don’t really get the plot that much either, but I’m sure it will all make sense when the show premieres next summer. Berry issued a statement about her excitement to do the show, saying the following:

“I’m always on the lookout for amazing roles, and when you see material that contains this strong of auspices, nuance and complexity, it compels me to run toward it no matter the medium. For five months a year I’ll get to live with and play this incredibly intelligent and vulnerable woman, and for the remainder of the year I’ll continue to look for other roles that move me as deeply as this one.”

Steven Spielberg also shared his thoughts on the show’s development and having Berry in the starring role:

“There’s only one Halle Berry, and we are incredibly honored that she has chosen Extant to expand her illustrious career. As she does with everything she touches, she will bring a deep authenticity to her role and I very much look forward to working with her.”

This is really big news, as another black woman will be leading a cast on network television. Hopefully Berry will have more success than Meagan Good did with Deception on NBC (that wasn’t a bad show!) and that her fan base will tune in. We sure will! This has definitely been a good year for Halle, from her pregnancy, to her marriage, getting her anti-paparazzi bill made into a law, and now news of a new TV opportunity. Congrats, lady!

Laila Ali Debuts New CBS Show For Kids, ‘All In With Laila Ali’

September 30th, 2013 - By Ann Brown
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Former boxing champ (and daughter of the boxing great Muhammad Ali) Laila Ali is looking to inspire kids with a new TV show. Ali is part of the new CBS  three-hour programming block, dubbed “The CBS Dream Team, It’s Epic!”  Ali is among several notable personalities like celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and omg! Insider co-host Kevin Frazier who will host educational/informational-compliant shows, targeting kids 13 to 16.

“‘All in With Laila Ali’ is educational, inspirational, compelling programming profiling individuals that have reached for the sky, pushed themselves to the limit and did things that you would think were impossible… Stories like that and they’re very inspirational and things that will inspire kids and show them that they you can do anything you put your mind to,” Ali told ET Online. [via Yahoo News]

Ali said she hopes the show encourages kids and parents to have meaningful conversations.

“We want children, especially children ages 13-16, and their parents to come together on Saturdays, spend time watching these shows, talk about the shows, see how the shows made them feel or what they learned, were they inspired, [and] to strike up a conversation,” she said.

“… I think we need more time as families just talking, conversing, learning, growing together and building character in these children because there’s so much negativity now for them on the Internet and TV and leading them down the road with these reality TV shows… so it’s always nice to have some programming that a family can watch together and then talk about afterwards,” she added.

Did You Notice It Was Gone? CBS Comes Back To 3.5 Million Time Warner Customers

September 3rd, 2013 - By Tonya Garcia
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cbsYesterday at around 6pm marked the end to a month-long standoff between Time Warner Cable and CBS, with the network finally coming back to the 3.5 million TWC customers who’ve had to do without The Big Bang Theory and NCIS since August 2. For tennis fans (*raises hand*) it’s been brutal because CBS airs US Open coverage. But at least Big Brother has been off the air for a while. (Other networks, like Showtime, were also affected.)

“The resolution comes as the NFL season is about to get underway, as the U.S. Open enters the finals, and CBS’ new Fall season approaches,” notes TVNewser. This means service is restored to viewers in New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas.

The issue was, of course, money. CBS wanted double the $1 monthly charge per subscriber that it gets from TWC. Time Warner wanted more access to CBS programming. TWC, according to The Daily Beast, made $500 million in the last quarter. But even that figure is after being impacted by competition from DISH, Verizon FIOS, DirecTV and the Internet, as more people cut their cords.

The New York Times has declared CBS the victor in this dogfight, with the company “winning not only a significant financial increase for its programming, but also its stake in the digital future.” But the details of the deal haven’t been released. “We are receiving fair compensation for CBS content,” Moonves said.

“We certainly didn’t get everything we wanted,” TWC CEO Glenn Britt said. So we can take a guess about how things ultimately went down.

So we get the second week of the Open back (yay!) and whatever else CBS, et al broadcasts. Did you miss the station at all?



Philadelphia Woman Shows Up Alive Two Weeks After Her Funeral

August 26th, 2013 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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Sharolyn Jackson

Source: CBS Philadelphia



From BlackVoices 

We all know at least one person who would show up late to their own funeral. The well-known saying is meant to be hypothetical, but in the case of 50-year-old Philadelphia woman Sharolyn Jackson the saying is true.

According to a local CBS affiliate, Jackson was found alive almost two weeks after her funeral.

It turns out, her family misidentified another woman’s body thinking it was Jackson after they received a call about an unidentified woman found dead on a West Philadelphia street. The woman matched the description of Jackson, and was officially identified by two people–her son and a social worker.

Jackson’s mother, Carrie Minney told the Associated Press that the woman they buried looked exactly like her daughter with the exception of her nose. The familyattributed the difference to the embalming process.

Read  more at 

More ‘Big Brother’ Racism: CBS Can Use It To Discuss Race

August 11th, 2013 - By Ann Brown
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Amanda Zuckerman being interviewed for a web Video for 'Big Brother.'

Amanda Zuckerman being interviewed for a web Video for ‘Big Brother.’

Here we go again. Another Big Brother houseguest has made racist remarks about black people. This time it was Amanda Zuckerman who talked about another contestant’s greasy and nappy hair.

“Although the first round of racially offensive comments made by cast members on CBS’s ‘Big Brother’ reality show sparked nationwide outrage, the network has yet again aired footage of another white contestant making blatantly racist ‘jokes’ about minorities,” reports Bossip.

On the Internet feed of the house, cast member Amanda Zuckerman, who’s white, remarks about a black houseguest putting a headband on her greasy, “nappy-hair head.” And, reports Bossip, she referred to another black housemate as “the dark knight” and “the black mamba,” mocked the accent of a Korean woman and referred to “Puerto Rican showers.” This led to a debate about whether Zuckerman is racist.

In response, the 28-year-old real estate agent from Boynton Beach, Fla. said,“I’m just joking. I’ve had sex with Puerto Rican guys before.” Okay… so if you have had sex with another ethnic group you can’t be racist?
So far CBS has done little to take control of this situation. The president of CBS Leslie Moonves recently expressed his outrage over the racism in the house. And the network has included an advisory on the program. But the question is whether the network should be doing more about it at this point. Sure, but there will be much debate over what. Some might say to cut out all the remarks.

I say include them all and use this as a springboard to do some meaningful programming on the discussion of race. In wake of the murder of Trayvon Martin and President Obama’s honest speech on race, Big Brother – reality television — can bring some real reality to the much-needed race discussion America needs to have.

Fade To Black: Don’t Look For The Time Warner-CBS Blackout To End Soon

August 6th, 2013 - By Ann Brown
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Can’t get CBS on your TV lately? Well, if you are a Time Warner Cable subscriber in New York, Los Angeles or Dallas you could be without CBS Corp programming for several weeks, reports Business Insider.  The two companies are no where close to settling a fee dispute.

Time Warner Cable cut CBS programming last Friday, affecting an estimated 3.5 million customers, including golf fans who missed Woods’ major win in the Bridgestone Invitational on Sunday.

CBS, the No. 1-rated U.S. broadcast network, is home to hits like The Big Bang Theory and NCIS. And according to the network, there are no talks taking place at the moment, but it is “ready to negotiate in good faith.” Time Warner Cable announced it regretted the inconvenience to viewers and aimed to resolve the situation “as soon as possible.”

According to industry analysts, the dispute is over how much Time Warner Cable should pay to carry CBS and the battle could last until the start of football season in September, when millions of viewers rely on their cable providers to watch primetime games.

The fall is also when many new season shows begin airing. CBS plans to start its fall lineup on September 18 with the premiere Survivor. Other CBS primetime shows launch their seasons beginning September 23.

“The longer (CBS) waits, the more they don’t get a chance to promote their fall lineup in the two biggest cities in the country,” BTIG media analyst Rich Greenfield told Business Insider. CBS has fought back against Time Warner Cable by suspending videos of full episodes on for customers with Internet access provided by the cable company in affected markets.

Politicians are even speaking out. Both New York City mayoral candidates City Comptroller John Liu and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn have called out Time Warner Cable and CBS for what has become a caustic and public fight. While the government may eventually step in, programming blackouts have become more common in the United States as TV networks fight with cable or satellite service providers that pay “retransmission fees” to transmit programs nationwide.

“Last summer, satellite operator DirecTV’s 20 million customers were unable to see more than 20 of Viacom’s cable networks for 10 days. Fox went dark for 15 days for more than 3 million Cablevision customers in 2010,” reports Business Insider.

DirecTV has sided with Time Warner Cable’s decision to drop CBS programming.

Do you miss your CBS?

Is CBS Using Racism To Gain Big Ratings On “Big Brother”?

July 17th, 2013 - By Charing Ball
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Big Brother

It appears that CBS, the station know for old blue-hair classics like Murder She Wrote and Jake and the Fatman, is now aiming for a new demographic: “creepy a** cr**kers.”

If you are a fan of the reality show Big Brother, you already know what I’m talking about. So you might want to skip to the last paragraph of this post or something. However, if you are not a fan of the show, or have never even seen a single episode, you may want to stick around and learn how one of the nation’s biggest broadcasting networks has been offering a platform for homophobia, racism, and racial intimidation.

Don’t bother tuning in for the show, which airs on any of the broadcasting television network affiliates. The bulk of the bigotry and homophobia is not happening on our television screens – although Big Brother did briefly (and rather flatly, I found) touch on the racial tension in the house – but rather, on its 24-hour live feed, which can be accessed by fans at any time online. Die-hard fans of the show, as well as professional watchers who tune in to get inside scoops before a highly-edited and sanitized highlight show goes to air, have logged some rather frequent derogatory comments used against the minority housemates of the show by other housemates. In this clip video, compiled by the website TV GrapeVine, you can witness the vile bigotry of racist notable Aaryn Gries, who most stereotypically is a blonde hair and blue-eyed Texan. As seen in the video, little Aaryn Nation regularly makes racial remarks about Helen Kim, the Asian-American mother and political strategist from Chicago. In one clip, she is making a rice joke; in another clip we see Gries joke about there being “no happy ending for you,” using a stereotypical Asian broken-English voice, to describe what she imagined the show’s campy nomination ceremony would be like if it was helmed by Kim.

The blonde-haired, blue-eyed devil lady is seen in the video being co-signed often by house-BFF and fellow klansman racist GinaMarie Zimmerman, a not-so natural blonde pageant coordinator from Staten Island, New York who not only laughed hysterically at herno happy ending for you” comment (as well as a few other housemates), but added her own white power salute with “Well can I at least get my nails done first?” In a later clip, you see Prussian Blue share a chuckle together over Zimmerman’s comment about how Helen, “should be kissing our asses and serving us some f**king rice.” While these two own their own little racist tyranny in the house, they are not the only ones dishing out the bigotry. David Girton, who was voted out the first week on the show, believes “black Candice,” Stewart, who is actually a black/white biracial woman also from Texas, made his bed sheets dirty; Kaitlin Barnaby shared a touching moment with fellow castmate and showmance Jeremy McGuire about how Asian Helen has it in the bag because she is all Asian and they are good with numbers; Andy Herren, the red-haired token gay guy in the house calls Helen, “Kim Jong Helen.” Most ironically, when Andy is not co-signing the bigotry, he is the subject of it, particularly from fellow castmates Spencer Clawson, who called him “Kermit the F*g” and Gries, who made references behind his back to his unfair advantage in the game because “everybody loves the queers.

And outside of Kim, the house seems to have a particular hard-on for hating black folks. Zimmerman has no qualms about sharing with her fellow housemates how she receives “N-Word benefits (aka welfare) from Staten Island. And then there is Stewart, who Gries warned a couple of the others to watch what “they say in the dark because you might not be able to see that b***h.” Thus far, most of the comments made have been far from earshot of their intended target. However, that all changed on Sunday when in one incident, Gries, upset over the house eviction for the week, decided to provoke Stewart into a fight by flipping over her bed and tossing her clothing around the room. When Stewart confronted her, Gries proceeded to mock her with, “What you gon’ do, girl?” and “Where’s yo class, girl?” in an over-the-top stereotypical black voice. Feeling extra ballsy herself, Zimmerman decided to back up her BFF and jump in Stewart’s face, desperately trying to instigate her to throw a punch with,When is the black gonna come out?” Howard Overby, the only other black person in the house, had to physically carry Candice out of the room and away from the two snarling, racial epithet hurling women. In the scene, you see Candice crying in the food storage closet and Howard trying to console her by telling her that she must remain calm, if not for her sake, for his own, as he too confesses that he has grown weary of the racial harassment in the house and was in danger of snapping.

Seriously, I just spent three long paragraphs describing the rampant bigotry in the Big Brother house, and the sad part is that none of what I wrote is even the tip of the racist iceberg. I really don’t have the column space to list it all, but trust when I say that is a regular occurrence. Clearly, there is a culture of racism in that house and clearly they are all comfortable in it (with possibly the exception of the recipients). And by the fact that it continues to go on – unchecked by the producers on the show – I’m starting to wonder if CBS is comfortable with it too.

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