Plus Size Dating Site Claims Super Bowl Discriminated Against Ad

January 19, 2012  |  

Whitney Thompson’s plus size dating site,, is only a month off of the ground, but it’s already involved in controversy—depending on who you ask.

The “America’s Next Top Model” winner claims that NBC rejected an ad for the site that was submitted for consideration during the Super Bowl on the basis of fat discrimination. Her rep stated in a press release:

“I wanted to pass along an ad that has been rejected by NBC. The ad stars America’s Next Top Model winner and plus-sized model Whitney Thompson. She believes they rejected the commercial because it features bigger women and not the skinnier accepted norm.

“The ad is for — a dating site for plus-sized men and women that was founded by Thompson. NBC Universal’s rejection email said: ‘Unfortunately it needs to be completely reworked for our air. S&P [Standards and Practices] wouldn’t approve it.'”

The “rejection email” doesn’t state why S&P wouldn’t approve the spot, but ad execs think it has less to do with a plus-size woman being featured and more to do with poor video quality and a lengthy back-shot of  a skinny actress. Sites like Adage also note that many companies who can’t afford the pricey $3 million baseline cost of an ad during the game—which this new site likely could not—will often cry discrimination just to get attention. Judging from the video, I think I’m inclined to go with Adage on this one.

Check out the ad spot and tell us what you think. Do you think NBC would discriminate against the ad because it features a bigger woman or are Whitney and her team just looking for attention?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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  • Woo,that’s not serious,women wont like that,but you may try—【bbdatingS’.
    C óM】–,serious big beautiful women ask for more men to join to find love and romance!

  • Sue

    It’s pretty inappropriate for NBX, I mean, I didn’t even have to play the video and I saw a girls butt plum the f*ck out, so….yeah, I don’t think it’s discrimination…

    • Sue


  • reese

    lmao?  I think it just didn’t look professional.  And the dialect was silly.  It looked like a school project.

  • Really?

    Looks like a high school film project. Not super bowl worthy at all.

  • Awewqt

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  • Candacey Doris

    They need to stop skimping on the budget and hire a real crew for a new commercial.

  • jlm863586

     Too raunchy for the Superbowl and to ridiculous to be shown at any other time.  The cable networks have finally loosened up enough to stop digging up half-time acts from the grave to ensure there are no “incidents”. Did Whitney actually believe they’d let a commercial with a woman in a thong on screen for 5 seconds be in their commercial line-up? Someone needs a reality check . . .

  • Anysuggestions

    Plain in simple, it’s not up to superbowl commercial standard. Just being raunchy and catchy doesnt get you a spot during the superbowl. And if you cant afford it, FORGET ABOUT IT. The superbowl/ tv station is trying to make money, not help a budding company promote business

  • Guest

    The ads on the superbowl have been pretty raunchy lately…so I don’t see how this doesn’t fall right inline. I remember a year or so ago people were complaining because it’s a “family” show and a lot of the ads are for Cialis and Viagra. What’s the diff? That Doritos commercial where a grown man licks the cheese off another man’s fingers…or snatches the mans pants off and smells them…they all made it in.

  • Sugar_Spice

    That was wack, it looks like one of those commercials that come on at 1 in the morning.

  • Chekesha

    Not super bowl quality at all.  Looks more like a late night chat line commercial.

  • GloM

    That was horrible.

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  • it looks cheaply done, and its pretty raunchy for the super bowl…

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