7 Simple Things Men Can Do That All Women Will Love

January 18, 2012  |  
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Listening to Miguel’s “Quickie” had me feeling some type of sultry this morning, so I decided to take advantage of one of this morning’s Twitter trending topics. It’s nothing serious like Paula Deen’s diabetes or the threats of the Congress limiting the blessed Internet, no I’m talking about a trending topic from ATL, Georgia called “that’s [swexy] as hell.” Since Miguel was sending me messages, I started to thinking of some very simplistic things men can do to fully capitalize on their swexy. Ladies, check the list and let me know if you feel me.

Being attentive to your children

There are plenty of fathers who provide for their children but don’t know anything about them or what’s going on in their little lives. One of the most appealing things a man can do is be there for his child, both physically and emotionally. If you’ve ever seen TLC’s “A Baby Story,” you know the mothers consistently gush about how seeing their husbands (baby daddies) with their newborn makes him attractive on an entirely different level. But single men with children, don’t be discouraged. By now, perhaps you’ve noticed that even women who aren’t the biological mother of your child will melt at the sight of you being attentive to your babies. It’s so endearing, so nurturing, that selfishly, we can’t help but think that you might be this way with the women in your life as well. Granted you should already be all up in your child’s life, but this fact of life should serve as an additional incentive.

Doing Chores

Right now, I’m reading Donna Britt’s book, “Brothers (& Me)”, in which she describes her love for black men and her propensity, need and desire to give to them. It’s a blessing and burden many of us carry. So when a man handles one of our many chores, preferably unasked, he’s liable to get some type of reward. She can’t be “too tired” later if you’re relieving her of some of her tedious responsibilities.

A man with a Goatee

Maybe I’m alone on this one, but I will never understand the corporate-dictated trend of a hairless face. There is something so mannish about a jawline that is further accentuated by well groomed hair. The goatee also draws attention to those luscious lips. Sure hair can irritate your face a little bit during those makeout sessions, but once you pull away and see that goatee looking down at you, you won’t have a choice but to dive back in.

Wearing a well tailored suit

Yesterday, I spent a majority of my evening watching back episodes of “Braxton Family Values.” In this particular episode, the sisters were rehearsing for an upcoming performance they had, when out walks Tamar’s husband, Vince in a suit. And in all her extraness, Tamar bout lost her mind, running out of rehearsal to flirt with her husband before he walked out of the door. I had to laugh in familiarity at this cute moment. While Vincent Hubert, might not be the most beautifully built man to don a suit, I must admit it made him look more dashing. The same is true for most men. There’s nothing wrong with your street clothes, but a nice fitting suit every once in a while is a turn on like a mug.

Standing Up for Me
It’s a new day and woman can be more than the damsels in distress. We’re far from helpless but that doesn’t mean we don’t want–not need– you to come to our rescue should the situation arise. And that doesn’t necessarily mean we need you to put your hands on someone. If no one has to get hurt in the process, that’s all the better. A man who can negotiate his way out of an altercation is more valuable than a man who resorts to violence. This is especially relevant when it comes to that smart-mouthed mother of yours too.

Remembering Something I Mentioned in Passing

Have you ever mentioned that you wanted or needed something small and inexpensive as an afterthought, only to have someone surprise you with the very thing you mentioned? I’d argue that those are the best gifts to receive. Why? Because it lets you know that the person was truly listening to you. Most times you could and would purchase these things for yourself, you just haven’t gotten around to it. A lot of women complain about men not listening to them. If you find a way to gift her with something she’s been mentioning for months, you’ll score some serious brownie points.

Slow Dancing in the Middle of the Living Room

I used to think that I was the only woman who fantasized about  this until I talked to my sister. Maybe it was the prevalence ofLove Jones” in our formative years or the fact that we’re natural romantics but this slow dancing thing ranks pretty high on our list of romantic gestures. It’s simple, it’s free, it’s intimate and it allows you to reflect on the man in your arms and what he means to you. Don’t be surprised if the dance transitions from vertical to horizontal and relocates to the bedroom.

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