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It’s the weekend and you’re craving salon fresh hair. You go through great lengths to find the perfect style, not just for you, but because the boo will love it too. Your hair game is on point and everyone is happy until it’s time to wrap your hair up at night.

Oh boy.

In your mind you’re just protecting your do and your hair. In his mind? Girl, you just went from hottie to mammy, and Terrell Owens would agree.

If you’re clueless about my Terrell O. remark, I’ll fill you in. A few years ago he was quoted as saying:

The women that I date, they don’t wear head scarves to bed… you look like Aunt Jemima in a candy store.

So I decided to randomly pick three of my black male friends and pose these questions:

“What is your take on a black woman wearing a headscarf to bed?”

“Do you find it less attractive than when she has her hair out and why or why not?”

Friend #1: Mr. Freedom Fighter

Profile: Loves everything natural. Would love for black women to liberate themselves from western vanity.

His response: “I don’t understand why they can’t keep their hair loose, it represents freedom to me.”

Yes ladies, there are some black men that have no idea why a headscarf is needed. I had to school him.

Friend #2: Mr. Long Hair Lover

Profile: He loves long hair and is not afraid to let it be known. He believes a woman’s beauty is in her hair.

His response: “I don’t care, but it makes her less attractive.”

We’ll give him some credit, he’s willing to work with her; he’s not going to dump her because she wears a scarf. But why does he feel it makes her less attractive?

His response: “…a man needs to be able to run his hands through his woman’s hair. Have you ever heard a woman’s beauty is in her hair?”

Yea and I’ve also heard India Arie’s “I Am Not My Hair,” have you?

Hey, at least he was being honest.

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