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You may have had roommates before. You may have shared a room with your siblings growing up. You may be an expert in the area of sharing space with others. But living with the person with whom you have sex (and would like to continue having sex with) is completely different. Your relationship with your significant other can’t handle the types of fights you and your sister used to have as kids, or you and your drunken roommate had in college. You need to take a little more care to prevent cohabitation-related fights with your significant other because keeping that bond intact is oh-so-important. So, beyond thinking about how you’ll live together, you should think about where you’ll live together. Here are apartment features that make living together so much easier.


Storage space

Having plenty of storage space is key. You may not think you have a lot of stuff, but you do. Especially when there are two of you. Beware of apartment prices that seem too good to be true; there probably isn’t much storage space. It’s an easy thing not to notice when the countertops are brand new and the pool is so nice. But not having enough storage will cause weekly arguments.







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Two bathrooms

I highly recommend prioritizing two bathrooms. You may be able to get away with one bathroom when it’s just the two of you but anytime you have a friend or family member stay with you, you’ll be in hell with one bathroom. Not only that but having two bathrooms prevents emergency situations when you both need to, um, go.










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Kitchen counter space

You’ll probably make a lot of meals together and you don’t want to be bumping into each other while one person tries to chop the vegetables and the other tries to flip the chicken breasts on the stove. You’d be amazed how quickly people can become irritable when the kitchen is too cramped, and that just ruins your romantic dinner.







Area-specific heating/cooling

A quality air conditioning and heating system that can be controlled in every room is amazing. It can be hard to find, or simply expensive, but it will keep you from being on each other’s cases about the sweat lodge or igloo you feel the other has turned the place into. You can hang in your respective rooms, with your desired temperatures.








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Thick walls

You want to be able to have sex without worrying about keeping it down. You also don’t want to hear your neighbors having sex. You don’t want to hear your neighbor’s music, but you’d like to play your own when you have parties, without disturbing your neighbors. Just find a place with quality, soundproofed walls.








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Other young couple neighbors

It can be really nice to live in a building with other couples around your age. If you’re the only couple in a building full of families with tons of children, you’ll feel like the odd pair out. Making a friend or two in the building who you can just go for impromptu walks or cocktail hours with is really nice when you need to get away from each other for a bit.







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Proximity to date night spots

You don’t need to live in the middle of a busy going out district, but it’s really nice to have a handful of walkable restaurants and bars. You know how busy life can get, and you often don’t have the energy or time to drive to another part of town, just to have a little date night.









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Proximity to grocery stores

If you live near a grocery store then you don’t need to argue over who is going to make the long trek to the store to get more milk/trash bags/sponges. You can both easily pick up these items, as you need them, on your way home from work.









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Two parking spots

If you each have a car then having two parking spots is crucial. You don’t want to wind up fighting about who gets the one spot. It’ll feel petty. It will ruin your night. You’ll both have your own reasons you feel entitled to the spot on this or that night. It’s just better to have two spots.








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Month to month leases

If this truly is your first time living with a partner, then try to find a month-to-month lease. I don’t want to say things won’t work out, but I do want to say that this is a major adjustment and you don’t need the pressure of making things work out for a three or even one year lease, in addition to the pressure of getting used to this change.








Two bedrooms

Having two bedrooms has seriously been a life-saver in my relationship so many times. If one person is sick and up coughing all night, he or she can move to the guest room and not keep the other one awake. If one person needs to get up at 5 in the morning, he or she can sleep in the other room up and not disturb the other. If you have friends who live far away, you can give them a place to crash when they come over for drinks. You can put up visiting family members who cannot afford a hotel. You won’t believe how much use you’ll put that second room to.





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A good drain

It doesn’t matter whose hair clogs the drain; you’ll fight about it when the shower is overflowing and you need to call a plumber. Just get a good drain. Find a place with excellent plumbing.









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Safety features

While the rent may be incredibly low in one neighborhood, that neighborhood may not be very safe. Your partner doesn’t want to worry about you every time he leaves you home alone or any time you have to walk the dog without him. You also don’t want to feel afraid when your partner leaves the apartment.








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An attentive landlord

Find a landlord who gets on top of problems quickly. If you have a lazy landlord, then the burden of fixing things will fall on you and your partner—you just can’t wait around for your landlord to fix the malfunctioning stove forever. And these little projects will cause arguments.




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Choose space over luxury

If you have to choose between the small but newly renovated apartment and the large but slightly older place, go for the larger space. You will reap far more benefits from extra rooms than you would from fancy showerheads any day.

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