Rapper Charli Baltimore Contracts Rare Bone Infection Following Surgery On Broken Leg

October 9, 2017  |  

Charli Baltimore


Rapper Charli Baltimore is currently on bed rest, and will be there for a while after contracting and being treated for a rare bone infection.

The 43-year-old was originally in the hospital after breaking a leg and requiring surgery for the damage. That was way back in August, and around that time, she still managed to be in good spirits, even though she had to spend her birthday (August 16) off of her feet:

But things for the “Down 4 U” rapper took an unexpected turn when she found that an infection post-surgery had eaten through her incision, through her skin and all the way down to the point where her bone was exposed. It’s been quite the harrowing experience for Baltimore, born Tiffany Lane, who said she had to have four back-to-back surgeries and spent 22 days in the hospital before getting to continue treatment at home. But it has also been an eye-opening experience for her, as she figured out who really is in her corner and who really can’t be bothered if they’re not receiving anything from her. She expressed these sentiments and shared her story on Instagram:

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My current situation …having to have IV antibiotics at home thru a special picc IV in my arm that connects into my chest and nurses coming to my house everyday after just spending 22 days in the hospital…undergoing 4 additional surgeries back to back and a blood transfusion after getting a super rare bone infection, that according to statistics only 2 out of 10,000 people that have had surgery on a broken bone contract….The infection actually ate thru my incisions down to the bone till it was visable!!!Straight out of a horror movie !!!my post is not for sympathy but only to say I could of lost my leg or possibly my life ..and it’s wild that during those 22 days in the hospital ..people I met maybe once or twice were more worried and checkin on me than some people I’ve helped or known all of my life …of course my day 1’s were there but it’s funny how people disappear when you’re in potentially the worst situation of your life.So Thank u to everyone that showed me they cared and also thank u to everyone that I would have expected to care but didn’t cause you taught me a valuable lesson…..people’s need of u and love for you can change depending on the circumstances and The real ones will show u what u truly mean to them when ur at your most vulnerable so keep your circle small and tight…. S/o to all my nurses and asst.nurses at Kennedy hospital ….all u guys were the best and kept my spirits up😘😘😘 of course the docs too but I was in there so damn long I got mega cool with all my nurses lol

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As Baltimore pointed out, she could have lost her leg if the infection had spread much more. According to Healthline, the most common cause of these types of infections are S. aureus bacteria that can attack the immune system when one is ill or treating an injury. Symptoms include swelling around the affected area, fever, redness, drainage and the inability to use whatever part of the body is impacted.  However, those with osteomyelitis, the medical name for a bone infection, can come out of such a scary situation with a positive prognosis if it’s caught early and, in turn, treated aggressively. In some cases, you may just need to take strong antibiotics for weeks. In many cases though, the part of the bone that has been infected has to be removed when the infection has spread greatly, as well as dead tissue and abscesses that may come with it.

We’re thankful to hear that in Baltimore’s case, doctors acted quickly and that while she is still requiring heavy antibiotics through an IV, she’s home and resting. Here’s to a continued successful recovery.


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