Ways Men Make Women Uncomfortable Without Realizing It

September 27, 2017  |  
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I think it would do every straight man some good to walk in a woman’s shoes for a day. Really, in the body of a woman. Because while some straight men say they know what it’s like to be a woman, all because they’ve spent two hours at a gay bar receiving unsolicited advances, they have no idea. Men are, by nature, usually physically stronger than women. They have no idea what it’s like to spend a lifetime with the knowledge in the back of their minds, “If I piss a man off, things could get physical, and I wouldn’t necessarily be able to get out of it.” Men just haven’t got a clue what that’s like. So when they say that women are too sensitive about some of the things men do or say, they only look at those things from the eyes—that are in the strong body—of a man. Here are things men do all the time that make women uncomfortable.

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Sending over drinks

If a man offers to buy us a drink, that’s one thing—we can say no. It’s uncomfortable to say no, but we have the option. When men just send over drinks, they took away our option to say no. We almost feel like they know they’re imposing something on us—they’re giving us no choice but to talk to them. We always have a choice, but we also always know that some men have large egos and even larger tempers, and can become pretty upset if we drink the drinks without talking to them, or just send the drinks back.

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