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If you know someone who has ever dated a married man without knowing it, you may have wondered, “How did that slip her attention?” Or, perhaps you’ve dated a married man without knowing it, and been stunned when you found out. You looked back over your relationship and couldn’t think of anything that seemed suspicious. Well, when men want to have affairs they’re willing to go to great lengths to pull it off. Some men are so conniving in their affairs, you’re just grateful they don’t have any real power in this society because they could do a lot of harm. If a man wants to have an affair, he has ways to never let the other woman even realize he’s married. Those ways are sickening and messed up, but then again, so are affairs. Here are the disturbing ways men hide the fact that they’re married.

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Never giving you the land line

He insists and insists you shouldn’t call his landline because he never answers it. He only receives solicitors on there, so he never picks it up anyways. He’s never even home, so it’s silly that he has one. He’s just had it for so long, he never got rid of it. He has every excuse in the book not to give you his land line number.









Taking off their ring

It’s a trick as old as time: taking the ring off. And if they forget to take it off, they may claim they recently got divorced, and haven’t quite gotten used to the idea of being single yet.










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Calling their wife their ex

Some men actually answer calls from their wife, right in front of you. How do they pull it off? By telling you their wife is their ex wife. But they share kids with her, so they often need to talk to her about logistics. This allows them to carry on full conversations with their current wife about the kids’ tuition, soccer practice and more, right in front of the mistress.







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Having a studio apartment

Some men will have studio apartments right in their own town, all for the sake of dating other women. If you don’t quite understand why your boyfriend—who has a good job, expensive car and designer watch—has to live in a crappy little studio, you may have your answer. As for the rent check his wife sees, he tells her it’s for an office space.

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Claiming to work on weekends

He tells his wife he has to work late on weeknights, thereby seeing you, and he tells you he works weekends, thereby seeing his wife and kids. But unless he’s in the service industry, why does he work weekends?






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Paying for everything in cash

A man can easily hide his affair by paying for everything in cash. He may just tell you he hates credit cards and doesn’t like spending money he doesn’t have. Or, he may tell you he’s simply maxed out his cards.











Having friends who believe he’s single

Some men go so far as making a small circle of friends to whom they also lie about their single status. They know they can’t just not introduce you to any friends—that would be suspicious. But they also can’t introduce you to the friends who know they’re married.









Staying off Facebook

Does your boyfriend claim to hate social media? Has he taken great pains to have no social media presence at all? He could be old fashioned or he could just be married. It’s very hard to hide the fact that you’re married if you have social media profiles.








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Claiming he wants to take things slowly

So he says he wants to take things slowly. Really slowly. So slowly that you’ve been dating for two years and never met his parents, only met two of his friends, and barely seen each other more than two nights in any given week. Of course he wants to take things slowly if he can’t actually take things anywhere because he is married.







Always taking you on trips

Your relationship is full of adventure and romantic trips. You’re always jet setting off to somewhere. But the most important thing is you’re jet setting away from where your boyfriend’s wife and kids live, or anyone else who knows him. Plus, he tells his wife he has to travel for work so he can see you, so it all works out.








Claiming to have a needy/sick relative

If your boyfriend has a wife, he’s going to need to cancel on you or even abandon you in the middle of a date all of the time. When his wife calls with an emergency with the kids, he has to be there. To cover up for these calls, your boyfriend may claim he has a very sick or needy relative who could always need him at a moment’s notice.








Working and living in two different cities

Some men really aren’t designed to be married—so much so that they decide to just start a second life away from their spouse. If they’re given the option to work in one of their company’s remote offices, they take the option, and tell their wives it was mandatory. That gives them the freedom to be a whole new (single) man in that other town.








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Never meeting your friends

If your boyfriend will do anything to get out of meeting your friends, even though he claims your relationship is serious, he could be married. You may not be able to tell that he’s married, but he knows your friends will suspect something. In fact, one of your friends may know his wife.








Having two cell phones

Does your boyfriend not only have two cell phones, but also only seem to get calls on one? He has one very active cell phone, and then the phone you call him on. But you seem to be the only person who calls him on that one…











Having a “No internet stalking” rule

Here they go again with the old fashioned excuse. This guy may claim he wants the two of you to get to know each other in the most natural and honest way. He wants you both to have clean slates. So he makes you promise you won’t look each other up online.

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