9 Gems From OWN’s Black Love Documentary

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We knew from the teasers that OWN’s Black Love documentary was going to be something special. We saw that there were going to moments of laughter, pain, and a type of honesty and candor we don’t generally get to hear from married couples. In the midst of it all there were some real gems we could use for our own romantic relationships, regardless of the stage we’re currently in. Check them out on the following pages.

Viola and Julius

“More people would be terrified if they knew what marriage was really about.” I love that Viola acknowledged from the jump that it’s hard work. That a lot of times, our romantic notions of marriage leave us unprepared for the reality.

Still, Viola also acknowledged that from the minute she started dating Julius her life got better in every way.

Cory and Tia

As a fan of Tia and Tamera’s now defunct reality show, I can say that it was really refreshing to see these two sit down together. Cory always seemed to be avoiding the camera when he was on the show. So I was happy to see him talk so open and honestly about their love in this special. Cory shared the story of the first time he and Tia went out together with a group of other friends, including her sister Tamera. Cory said that the whole night he had a bouquet of flowers in the trunk of his car and he was thinking of ways to give them to her without her friends seeing the whole thing. He recounted the story, saying that it was corny. But Tia says it was the moment that her heart melted.


Later, when Cory realized he was ready to marry her, he felt that he wasn’t financially stable enough. Still, he said that he had faith in himself and in God. So he told himself, “Ima step up and God’s going to take care of us.”

Erica and Warryn

Erica said that by the time she met Warryn, she, three years his senior, had already been engaged twice.  But she knew something was different with Warryn because she was never afraid to say how she felt.

As for his part, Warryn says Erica was his first official girlfriend. Every other woman he dated was just his “friend.” Warryn said he realized something was different about Erica because he realized that with other women the moment they did something he didn’t like, he didn’t want to be around them anymore. He posed the question, ‘Do I love you when I don’t agree with you?’ For Erica, the answer was yes.

Meagan and Devon

Meagan shared the way these two said that they loved each other just three months into dating. She said she was on a break from Think Like A Man and the two met up for a few minutes. They were holding hands when Devon said, “I feel like…I feel like…” And Meagan finsihed his sentence:  “Like you love me?”

He responded, “Yeah!”

And the two knew that marriage was the next step.

Devon said, “As a single man I was good, but as a married man I’m great. Get the right woman and then you can conquer the world.”

Chea and Ashley

Ashley said that going into her dating situations, she could envision herself with a Black man. “I felt like I was going to have a brown sugar.” But when she realized her feelings for Chea were deepening, she asked herself, “Where are we going to connect.” Fortunately, she said after a while she stopped concentrating on race. She could appreciate the ride that much more. “I can’t pass up this good soul because it’s not packaged the way I thought it would be.”

Aonika and Sean

I love that Aonika and Sean have shared interests. She shared a story of her singing a song from “My Fair Lady” and Sean jumping in to sing with her. She said, “We can go from Biggie to My Fair Lady

Chris and Vanessa

Chris and Vanessa shared that they were up and down, back and forth. At one point, Vanessa said that she told Chris, “I love you but I gotta let you go.”

Tony and Vanessa

Vanessa said she was hesitant to move in with her now- husband Tony before they were married. She said, he told “By December we’ll be planning our wedding or we’ll be breaking up.” Tony said in those months they lived together, he realized “I was working hard but life was very comfortable. Heaven must be like this. Baby guess what you gon get married this year.”

Diane and Jason

Diane loved Jason but she still had apprenhensions about living with him and then getting married. “Every anxiety and fear I had about it…It was like getting a needle and then you get it and then it’s like oh it’s not so bad. Oh this is like the best thing I’ve ever done with the greatest person I could have ever done it with.”

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