Common Reasons People Become Swingers

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Most children don’t dream of growing up, meeting their soul mate, marrying their soul mate, and then having sex with other people/letting their spouse have sex with other people. In other words, most of us aren’t naturally predisposed to swinging. Some argue that humans are predisposed to be promiscuous, and sleep with plenty of people. Some argue we’ve evolved to be monogamous. But few people agree we’re meant to be in some in-between area, where we’re both committed to one person and sleeping with plenty of others. But that’s exactly what swinging is. So if our DNA, our upbringing, and our society don’t prompt the decision for a couple to become swingers, what does? You’ve probably wondered that when you’ve met swingers, or when married friends of yours have told you they’re going to start swinging. Here are some of the top reasons people become swingers.


They don’t want to cheat or split up

Sometimes a couple realizes they both have a strong desire to experience other sexual partners, but not for lack of loving each other or still wanting to have sex with each other. They don’t want to have to split up because they sleep with other people, and they don’t want to lie to each other about it, either.







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