“I Defecated In His Shoes”: 10 Celebrity Women’s Off-The-Hook Responses To Cheating

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What would you do if you found out your partner had been stepping out with not just one woman, but multiple? According to Shaunie O’Neal, she went ahead and tore up ex-husband Shaquille O’Neal’s property.

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“Our Blackberries got switched,” she said, according to BET, during a recent episode of Basketball Wives. “I went to my baby’s play at school and I was like, ‘Damn, my phone is going off a lot.’ Just girl, after girl, after girl  — like, ‘Baby, last night what you did.’ And I went in the arena and I went in that garage, not only did I flatten tires, bust a few windows, I wrote on the hood [of his car], ‘I cheat on my wife. I ain’t s–t,’ with a knife.”

One could say she overreacted, but I’m sure the ladies on this list would understand. While some are inspired by such heartbreak to make great music (i.e., Adele, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé), others just want to hurt their significant others as much as those individuals hurt them. Check out nine other famous women who called up mistresses, tore up vehicles, sent mass emails and messages to their lover’s family and co-workers and basically went nuclear on the cheating men in their lives.

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Tichina Arnold

Arnold embarrassed the hell out of her ex-husband Rico Hines after he embarrassed himself. After finding out he cheated, she sent a mass text to friends and family with a video of him having sex with another woman, or as she put it, sleeping with “ONE of his MANY extraneous whores that trick on him for his money.” The initial text read, “It’s over between Rico and I. This is where I part ways and all bets are off.” She was not kidding.

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Faith Evans

In her episode of BEING, Faith Evans said that fight scene in Notorious between her and a mistress of the late Notorious B.I.G.’s is based on facts.

“The door comes open and as soon as the door came open I kicked it just so I could get in,” she said. “I wasn’t sure if they were going to have the latch on. I see some chick standing there, you know, fully dressed like she had on a Catholic uniform. I mean, she obviously wasn’t a kid, but she had on a pleated miniskirt. I see him sitting over there . . . all of this was in a split second. As soon as I kicked in the door and saw her I just started to *punches fist*”

“I don’t even know if she got a chance to say anything and I just looked over at him as I’m still hitting her,” Evans continued. “He’s sitting there like, ‘Wow Faye. Why are you doing that to her? I didn’t even f–k her.’  I was like, ‘Well you shoulda . . . ’cause you see what happened to her.'”

Garcelle Beauvais

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Garcelle Beauvais

When Beauvais’s ex-husband Mike Nilon was caught cheating, the actress exposed him to his work colleagues. The work email she sent said, “I found out today that MY husband of almost 9 yrs has been having an affair for 5 yrs with some sl-t in Chicago. I am devastated!!!! And I have been duped!! Our boys don’t deserve this!”

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Tiffany Haddish

The comedian said she retaliated against her man in a pretty interesting, albeit gross, way.

“He didn’t have no car, so I couldn’t slash his tires,” she said. “He didn’t really have no nice clothes, so I couldn’t throw bleach on them. What he did have was a pair of brand new Jordans. So I pooped in them, ’cause he put me through a lot of defecation, so I defecated in his shoes.”

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Tina Campbell

One half of Mary Mary, Tina Campbell admitted on the sisters’ We TV reality show that after she found out her husband Teddy cheated “countless” times, she tore up his car. And by tore up, I mean shot up, in the hopes that it might keep him from “riding around town” with another woman. Despite all of that, the Campbells are still together and happily married.


Amber Rose

Not only did Amber Rose catch ex-husband Wiz Khalifa cheating, but when she found out that ex Kanye West was exchanging inappropriate messages (including racy photos, texts and emails) with now-wife Kim Kardashian during their relationship, Rose called Kardashian and told her to back off. Obviously, that didn’t work, and Kardashian never responded.

“She was sending pictures, and I was like, ‘Kim, just stop. Don’t be that person,'” Rose said. “I thought at least she’d be woman enough to respond to me. She never responded.”

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Tasha Smith

Actress Tasha Smith told MadameNoire that when she was 18, she lied about her cheating ex having a seizure to get the cops’ help to break down the door of his home in the hopes of catching him in the act (4:20):


Elaina Watley

The fiancée of NFL player Victor Cruz sent a mass text to women she found out he’d been dealing with in one way or another and let them all know they weren’t special.

“Hello ladies, this is elaina Victor cruz’s fiancée,” the message reportedly read. “You all know about me and I seem to be the topic of conversations with vic. I’m sure he’s told you many of things about us and how we don’t exist but given the fact that you all meet him in hotel rooms only, we all know that’s a lie, just as he tells me you all are whores and mean nothing to him.”

“I figured since you all know about me, then I should introduce each one of you to each other so we can all know who we have all been f—-ing for the past several months,” she continued. “So ladies meet one another and feel free to exchange notes.”

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Solange Knowles

Solo gets honorable mention on this list. While she didn’t bust the windows of any man she has dated or married (as far as we know), when she found out that brother-in-law Jay Z was disrespecting her sister, we do know that she opened up the freshest can of whoop a– on him in an elevator after the Met Gala in 2014. Beyoncé would eventually get to let her anger out on 2016’s epic album, Lemonade. 

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