Clothes Women With Fluctuating Weight Absolutely Hate

August 11, 2017  |  
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If you have fluctuating weight then you know on any given day, only a portion of your wardrobe is available to you. Maybe you don’t even organize your closet the way most people do, by say, color, season or formality, but rather by size. The left side is size four, the center is size six and the right side is size eight. Planning outfits for travel is a nightmare because you need a few options in each size, for each event—between the hiking and the brunch and the theater—just in case you get some mid-trip fluctuations. If you do have severely fluctuating weight, you can steer your wardrobe more towards your needs, and save yourself a lot of money if you just stop purchasing certain unforgiving items. Here are clothes you shouldn’t buy if you have fluctuating weight. (Well, you can, but you may only get to wear them once a year).

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All-denim denim

Even though vintage denim is all the rage right now, from high-rise Levis to no-name jeans you find in thrift stores, the problem with vintage denim is it tends to be all-denim. In other words, it has no spandex or stretchy fabric blended with the denim. Denim doesn’t give, at all. Furthermore, if you try to squeeze into all-denim jeans, you can permanently stretch them out because they don’t retract like those with stretchy fabric blended in.






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Instead buy: jeggings

There are some pretty impressive jeggings on the market now that look just like real jeans but they are, in fact, more leggings than they are jeans. You aren’t limited to the original infomercial-famous variety that’s sold in drug stores. Stores like T.J. Maxx, Marshalls and Nordstrom have high-end varieties in every style, from skinny to boot cut to flare, that look like all-denim to the outside viewer.

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Restrictive empire waist dresses

Vintage strikes again! Since the “Mad Men” craze, everyone wants the Joan Holloway, structured dresses. They tend to zip up the back and have very restrictive waistlines. The trouble is if you put on even two pounds, you’ll bust open that seam or rip that back zipper.










Instead buy: Shapewear dresses

If you want the structured dresses, just make sure there aren’t seams that run around your tummy or below your bust. These areas expand the most when your weight fluctuates. Elastic seams are fine, but restrictive ones will bust. Many shapewear brands are now making dresses with built-in shapewear so you can wear the structured dresses, and keep your curves underneath from pushing the limits of the seams.


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Satin or silk blouses

Satin and silk are gorgeous, but anyone with fluctuating weight knows that they aren’t forgiving. These fabrics have absolutely no give, so if you have a satin blouse and put on a few pounds, you’ll start pushing the buttons to the limit and feel like you can barely move your arms.

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Instead buy: cotton/polyester blouses

Cotton/polyester blends will give if you put on a little weight, and it will shrink back to their original size when you wash them. They also breathe far better than satin or silk do.









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Button-up jeans

Jeans with three to five button panels in the front do have that sexy, cowgirl allure, but they aren’t fupa-friendly and everyone knows it. The area right above your bikini line and below your belly button bloats out significantly when you put on just a little weight. When that happens, button-up jeans put a lot of pressure on that area, or just can’t be closed at all.







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Instead buy: regular fly or side zip

Jeans with a standard fly and one button in the front are fupa-friendly enough. If you like a more retro, Holly Golightly style, you can stick to pants that zip up on the side and shut with a small clasp on top.

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Leather anything

If leather isn’t skin-tight it looks bulky and anything skin-tight just isn’t nice to the woman with fluctuating weight. Furthermore, leather is extremely stiff and won’t give if you gain weight. Unless you stay exactly one size, all of the time, don’t invest in this expensive material.





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Instead buy: stretchy pleather

You can be nicer to animals this way, too, and save money. Pleather/spandex mixes actually look great on curvy women. They have a lot of give, and the material is much thinner than real leather so it doesn’t make you look bulky.









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Cloth-only bras

Cloth-only bras or bralettes are everywhere right now. They’re fine if you’re a cup size C or smaller, but for the rest of women out there, they don’t provide any support. If your weight fluctuates, then maybe you sometimes dip below the C cup line, but once you put weight back on, these wireless bras become useless.








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Instead buy: hybrids

If you like the sexy peek-a-boo look of the bralette’s lace under a white tank top, buy a standard bra/bralette hybrid. Higher-end bra companies make ones with discreet underwire that isn’t noticeable under clothes, and sturdy lace that actually compresses larger breasts and adds support.








Daisy dukes

With the looks of the sixties and seventies back and stronger than ever, daisy dukes abound. But if the size of your rumpus isn’t reliable, the moment you put on a few pounds, your butt cheeks are hanging out of the bottom of these and you feel exposed.







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Instead buy: patterned/embroidered drawstring shorts

Drawstring shorts are the best friends of a woman with fluctuating weight. Rayon and linen breathe, but can still look dressy with a pair of heels. Go for a pair that dips down halfway between the bottom seam of your underwear and the top of your knee.









Cinched cap sleeves

Cinched cap sleeves give a charming Victorian look to a short-sleeve button up, but if you have the tiniest amount of flab on your arms, they accentuate them. They also leave unsightly marks on your arms for days after you wear them.





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Instead buy: wide structured or flowy sleeves

Winglet-style short sleeves—which are essentially highly structured cap sleeves that jut out slightly further than your shoulders—make your arms look slender. You can also go with flowy, bell-shaped sleeves if you want a less-structured look.

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