The Perks Of Dating A Man With Female Friends

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If you start dating a man and realize he has a lot of female friends, you might feel intimidated at first. Are they judging you? Are they giving him their opinion on you? Absolutely. One hundred percent. Without question. But if he has been dating you for a couple of months, that means you passed the female friends’ test—they adore you, they gave him the thumbs up, and now you can just enjoy the benefits of dating someone who has lots of female friends. You should see it as a good sign that so many women have tolerated and even enjoyed his company for several years. That means you probably will too! If you trust this guy, and his friends are welcoming to you, then don’t worry about other women hanging around. Here is why it’s good to date a man with lots of female friends.



He’s probably not a misogynist

If this guy had any misogynist ideas and or behaviors, he would have lost all of these female friends ages ago. This should go without saying, but unfortunately, we live in a world where it’s still rare so here goes: hey, he sees women as equal! Yay! That means he likely won’t start doing things later like asking you to quit work to stay home and be a housewife.





He chose you because you’re special

Let’s be real: some men attempt to date any woman who pays them mild attention because, well, they don’t get female attention often. But if your boyfriend has lots of female friends, he certainly doesn’t have a deficit of women around him. That means he is dating you because, after getting to know a lot of women, you stood out as a great romantic partner.



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He doesn’t try to sleep with everyone

Your boyfriend probably doesn’t try to sleep with any woman around him because he has managed to keep his female friends. If he were a horn dog that didn’t know how to be around females without trying to sleep with them, he wouldn’t have female friends. So he can behave himself.





His friends give him good sex advice

Um, hello! His female friends can give him actually valid, useful sex advice. His male friends try to tell him what women like in bed, but what do they know? If you can get over the weirdness of other women telling your boyfriend about erogenous zones, then you can just enjoy the benefits.






He’s seen them be treated poorly

Your boyfriend has seen his female friends go through breakups and bad relationships. He has seen the things men do, that they often don’t even know they do, that put their girlfriends through a lot of pain. After seeing his close friends suffer like that, he knows to never do those types of things to somebody he dates.





Hanging with his friends is fun for you too

When you hang out with your partner’s friends, it becomes a pseudo girl’s night! You don’t just feel like you’re crashing guy’s night if you tag along. They may even choose bars and restaurants that you’ll like.





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They can counsel him through fights

Rest assured that when you get into a fight with your boyfriend, he has a team of women counseling through how to handle this. So if he has the urge to just go out and party every night of the fight, his girlfriends will tell him, “Noooooo. Then it looks like you don’t care about the fight!”





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He probably likes “feminine” activities

Not that any activity is just for women or just for men…okay let’s cut the politically correct nonsense. Women love brunch and mimosas! Okay? And there are certain movies that attract women by the millions and can’t seem to get a male viewer. The statistics are out there people. Fortunately, your boyfriend has probably taken a slight liking to the show “Girls” through having female friends.


He’s more comfortable talking about his feelings

Your guy’s female friends probably encourage him to talk about his feelings a lot more than his male friends do. That means he has become more fluent in the language of emotions, and can probably communicate them to you pretty well.





You can have male friends

If your partner has plenty of female friends then it shouldn’t be a problem for you to have plenty of male friends. That’s a relief since some men can be pretty jealous if their partners have male friends.





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He knows how to put things delicately

Men can be a little blunt sometimes. If you ask what they think about your predicament at work, or your outfit, guys don’t always put their answer through a filter. But they learn, through their female friends, to put things more delicately. Years of, “I can’t believe you said that!” have taught your boyfriend to think before he speaks.





They can give him gift recommendations

This is a pretty nice little perk. Your boyfriend’s female friends have gotten to know you, they know the stores you like, the music you like, the restaurants you like, the massage places you like—they can advise him on some awesome gifts.




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He understands PMS

He has learned through years of mistakes not to say things like, “Are you on your period?” or “I’ll just go away until you’re done PMSing.” He knows how to handle a woman on her period. Isn’t that something?




He knows holidays matter

He knows that if you say you don’t need anything for your birthday or you don’t want him to do anything for Valentine’s day that he still needs to plan something. He knows this because he’s made the mistake of not getting his female friends birthday presents, and getting in big trouble.




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He sees women as more than girlfriend material

Your boyfriend can clearly look at a woman and see every facet of her personality—he sees her as a friend, as a career woman, as a partier, as a philanthropist, as a nurturer and as any other thing she may be. He doesn’t just look at women as girlfriend material, or not girlfriend material.

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