Struggles Only Women Who Don’t Care About Makeup Understand

June 15, 2017  |  
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If you’re a woman in America, it’s assumed that you love hair and makeup products, days at the salon, free makeovers at the makeup counter in the department store, spa days, contouring tips…you get the idea. Makeup isn’t just an industry—it’s a culture. In many friend groups, doing hair and makeup is the social activity. So if you’re a woman who just couldn’t care less about doing her hair and makeup, who sees chapstick as a form of makeup, and believes so long as you brush your hair, you should be ready for the day, you can feel a bit left out. If you are into hair and makeup, you probably wonder, “How big of a deal can it really be to not like these things?” We’ll show you. Here are struggles only women who don’t care about hair and makeup understand.

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Getting ready together—what’s that?

When your friends want to meet two hours before the party to get ready together, you’re baffled and bored. You already got ready at home. But if you sit out the getting ready part of the evening, you’ll look antisocial. So you go to your friend’s house, and pretend to poke at your hair while your friends contour their cheekbones.


Certain gifts are wasted on you

Gift cards to hair salons, makeup stores or just about any place that involves hair and makeup are wasted on you. But you’re a woman, so you’ve received a lot of these over the years. You could probably sell them and buy half a car.



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The salon upsell. Ugh.

On the rare occasion you do go to the salon, it’s just to get a simple haircut. You dread the part of the visit where the stylist tries to sell you on this relaxer, that curling mouse, this styling gel and that dry shampoo. Okay, maybe you’ll take the dry shampoo—it feeds into your lazy girl habits.



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Everyone wants to give you a makeover

People constantly think you’re the nerdy girl in “Clueless” and get all giddy over the idea of giving you a makeup. The thing is, it’s not that you don’t know about hair and makeup—you just don’t care. You know what you look like made up, and you feel indifferent about it.




You don’t have what your friends need

About once a month, a friend meets you at your place before you’re supposed to go out, and she needs something you don’t have. Curling iron? Nope. Contouring brush? Nope. Even a nude-colored lip liner? Nuh-uh. Your friend is out of luck if she plans on getting ready with your supplies.




People often assume you aren’t ready yet

You’ve come out of the bathroom many times to a friend, a date, or a family member and heard the question, “You’re not ready yet, are you?” But you were ready. They just didn’t think you were because you weren’t wearing makeup.




Your beauty blogger friend is insulted

You have a friend who either works at a makeup store, has her own makeup line, or makes a living as a beauty blogger. You have no interest in what she does, which upsets her sometimes. You’ve never watched one of her videos on doing the perfect smokey eye, and you’ve never wanted to try the free samples she gets from work.



People think you’re making a statement

People often applaud you on the societal statement they believe you are making. You aren’t making a statement—you just never got into makeup, don’t feel like getting into it now, and enjoy saving your money. But you don’t have anything against women who wear makeup.



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It’s apparently ironic that you love clothes

People often say, “How can you love clothes so much and not care at all about makeup?” But you don’t see the connection. You can love a good pair of jeans, and not take any interest in bronzing your cheeks. Just because you want your butt to look good doesn’t mean you have to want gold shimmer on your eyelids.



You’re judged for your carry-on bag

Your friends often get jealous-angry that you don’t have to pay the baggage check fee when you travel. But since you don’t bring a briefcase full of blush brushes and hair straighteners, you can get away with traveling with a little carry-on suitcase.





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You sit and wait for your friends a lot

You feel like you spend a lot of time sitting around and waiting for your friends to get ready. And when you look at them and think they look ready, it turns out they still have 45 more minutes of things to do.




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YouTube tutorials drive you crazy

You’ve sat around for a lot of girls nights where one person wanted to show the group a makeup tutorial, and that reminded another person of a makeup tutorial they liked. Suddenly, the night went from drinking wine to learning how to put on the perfect liquid liner.



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People pitch you “natural” makeup

Everybody has tried to pitch you this lipstick or that blush that looks so natural, people won’t even know you’re wearing makeup. You know what looks natural? Not wearing makeup.




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Spa days can be a bust

When you go to a spa with friends, you’re all set after your massage. But they want to get their hair done and try every treatment in the place meant to add a glow to their skin or shine to their hair. So you sit in the hot tub alone for an hour.

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You cut and color your own hair

You cut and color your own hair. It doesn’t always turn out great but it’s nothing a bun or a hat can’t fix. People will try to convince you that spending $200 is worth it for natural-looking sun-kissed highlights, and you don’t have the heart to tell them you don’t even notice their pricey hair color change.

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