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I’ve got some unfortunate news for those of you who are emotionally guarded; it gets you nowhere. Well, correction; sometimes it gets you into some bad situations. Other than that, it gets you nowhere. In every area of life, there is no reward if there is no risk taken. So that could be why you keep finding yourself in relationships that bore you, or relationships with other emotionally closed off individuals. Those relationships aren’t very rewarding, are they? But you didn’t take the risk of putting your true self and your feelings on the table, so those are the types of relationships left for you. The emotionally open people get those giddy, best-friends-and-lovers, movie-type romances; you get the dead-end ones. Maybe you’ve never had your heart broken, and maybe you think that’s a perk. But it’s not worth foregoing a great relationship for. So, are you closed off and don’t even realize it?


You feel like dates are interrogations

You feel like first dates are interrogations and are put off by the line of questioning you receive during them. You spend the entire date with your body half turned to the side, and your eyebrows raised, as if you’re trying to detect your interrigators—err—your date’s next move.





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