Why Are Black Women Attacked? Simple: Black Don’t Crack

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When a woman is wrinkle-free, from a biological perspective, it indicates to a man that she is still fertile. When a woman looks wrinkled, it sends a sign that she’s less fertile. Black women, hence, don’t have the problem. I’ve always been suspicious of these general findings regarding fertility. It’s true that a woman’s chance of conceiving decrease as she gets older, but how can that these medical findings apply to all women? We’ve evolved in different environments, which is why we have melanin and why our skin reacts differently to the sun. You can’t tell me that an Aztec person in Latin America and a Norwegian have the exact same physical destinies. If you’ve noticed, they don’t make a point of distinguishing Black women when it comes to bad news that includes white women but when it doesn’t include white women, like this whole marriage rate fiasco, then we’re singled out.

There’s a jealousy of Black women’s “black don’t crack” factor, and subconsciously, society can’t just let us get away with it. And the easy way is to make sure we don’t feel too great about ourselves is by picking on us. It’s a deep complex but that’s what is is. On a larger, more general scale, a lot of our genetic make-up is the reason we are the most oppressed group in the world (in this era of the past 500 years). We are born with natural sun protectants, and we are born with rhythm. Those that lack it are both fascinated and jealous of it. But like I said, this would be a dissertation if I were to go on. The point is that there’s a deeper meaning to this attack on Black women and their singlehood and it’s time we take a stand and let society know that we know what’ s going on. We’re black and yes, we’re beautiful. And sorry, we can’t sell our melanin yet and offer you a fountain of youth. And please, don’t hate us because we look great at 28, 35, 42, 58 and beyond.

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