“Thong On Fire” and Other Hilarious Titles of Street Lit Hits

October 26, 2011  |  
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by N’neka Hite

Street Fiction, Gangsta Lit, Ghetto Lit, Hip-Hop Fiction or however you classify it, has been coined as one of the fastest growing genres, exposing the reader to a world of drugs, violence, sex and gritty realities of street life in urban America.

Although the subject matter is arguably recycled, culture dumbing, and some even venture to classify it as a genre of pointless literary contribution, business is booming and readers can’t get enough of this $50 million dollar industry. Let’s face it some of our favorite authors keep us thirsty for more penning sequels involving unforgettable characters with each book title more enticing than the one before it.

Let’s a look at Urban Fictions trashiest titles that we have to admit, we can’t wait to get our hands on.


Thong on Fire by Noire
At first glance it looks like Noire may be dropping science on how not to catch an STD. Thong on Fire is the typical story of a Harlem girl who is a self-proclaimed scandalous chick. A ruthless mama, she boasts that she and her city are just alike. Grimy. And they both never, ever sleep… It’s a hard knock life for Saucy Sarita Robinson and the rules of the game are clear: get yours or get had.

Section 8: A Hoodrat Novel by K’wan
We don’t know whether K’wan is speaking to the reader, or talking about the character, we hope it’s the latter. So really K’wan, you give rats their own sub-genre? In Section 8, we meet Tionna, a woman with two kids, a man in prison, and no backup plan, she finds herself once again living by her wits in order to maintain the lifestyle she’d become so accustomed to.

Uh, okay, and what lifestyle is that living on section 8? Young girls, recognize the only lifestyle you should be living is one of a student trying to get up and off of public housing. Wait to cop your Gucci bags until you can really afford them from the Gucci store.



187 Iz An Art by Richard L. Brown & Mikal H. El-Amin
Before you pass judgment this novel was the 2009 Los Angeles Book Festival Award Winner. Yes, you heard us. 187 Iz An Art mirrors the reality of many urban environments without glorifying any of the events, which typically take place in such a setting. If books like 187 taught us anything, it’s that street lit is sending a loud and clear message to the hood that you don’t ever have to be broke, as long as you have a story to tell. But murder being an art, well, we just can’t side with you guys on that one.



Between My Thighs: An Urban Erotic Tale by Naija

One thing we can’t deny is that we live for urban erotica. It stretches beyond nasty, and the titles leave very little to the imagination. When you see an urban cover with a nasty title, the author means just what they’re saying. Between My Thighs pops off with thirty-year-old Raquel Howard, who recently graduated from college with her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, and promised herself that the next man that ventured between her thighs would be equivalent to her credentials. Haven’t we all heard that story? Well, good luck Raquel –  a man in an urban book with a Ph.D., this could only end two ways, a sequel or suicide.

The Saddle Club by Anya Nicole

Big thighs, leather pants and a six pack. Looking at the cover,  this should definitely be a best seller. He looks like he’s about to strap up a saddle and ride her into the sunset. Dropping 2012, Anya Nicole releases a fantasy we’ve yet to experience in an urban book. At The Saddle Club, women can have the man of their dreams without the commitment – that is, if they can afford it. Masked as a private social club for women who love horse racing, the Saddle Club offers high-class sex to powerful women.

Now if we could find a Saddle Club on the west side of LA, art would truly be imitating life. We just hope they’ll offer us a recession special. We’ll keep you posted on this piece of work once it drops.


Black and Ugly by T. Styles
Not only is Black and Ugly a cold title to use to draw in a reader, but to use it to describe your main character, whew, that’s just down right disrespectful. In Styles’ novel we’re introduced to Parade Knight, who hates her complexion. As a result, she considers herself to be unattractive and condones the misuse of her body.

Don’t Tell Your Cousin by Veronica E. Kelly
Don’t Tell Your Cousin is a tale of a twisted love triangle involving two cousins and a married man. Veronica E. Kelly put the S in scandalous with this joint. We can see it now, sex, lies and video tape, with someone getting murdered at the end. From the title we can tell this is going to be a good one.

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