From Baby Hair To Bantu Knots: 11 Beauty “Trends” That Have Been Attributed To The Wrong People

April 5, 2017  |  
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One man’s everyday accessory or look is another man’s so-called trend. After a number of controversies over looks that people of color have been wearing for a long time being deemed the new “It” look by beauty magazines, that should be clear. And while many people get enraged over these gaffes, sometimes they’re just so ridiculous that all you can do is roll your eyes and laugh.

Like earlier this morning when I saw PEOPLE tried to tell its readers to channel their “inner J.Lo” by wearing large hoop earrings.

Jennifer Lopez beauty trends

Sure, she’s often spotted in hoops, but rocking these particular oversized earrings is something I’m sure you, the reader, have been doing since junior high school.

Check out other times beauty “trends” were attributed to the wrong people.

Kim Kardashian beauty trends

Kim Kardashian and Long Black Weaves

Just a heads up that if you wear the longest weave you can get installed, someone at Allure might claim you were inspired by Kim Kardashian. That’s what they said when Nicki Minaj stepped out with extensions down to her calves — some even said she “copied.” Cher maybe, but Kim? We don’t see it.


The Kardashians and Timberland Boots

Speaking of the Kardashians, remember when people, like Elle, tried to act like because Khloe and her sisters wore them, Timberland boots were a new must-have item?

Iggy Azalea beauty trends

Iggy Azalea and Big Booties

Vogue will always be considered the fashion bible, but they played themselves royally. Even though Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé and many more curvy celebrity women have been around for quite some time, the magazine said that thanks in part to J.Lo and Iggy’s song “Booty,” those two ushered in “the Era of the Big Booty.”

Kendall Jenner and Cornrows

Jenner always finds herself getting yelled at these days. Recently it was because of the Pepsi commercial, but not long ago it was over her choice to wear braids to her crown (like the ones I wore for special events in middle school). Marie Claire said the model took “bold braids to a new epic level.”

Rihanna and Doobies

Rihanna is a style icon in the making, that’s quite evident. However, the doobie, or the wrap, was something we (as in those who have worn the style to keep our straightened hair together) all knew wouldn’t really catch on as a trend. It may have worked for her in the moment (she is a risk taker), but it looks crazy for everyday women outside of the house. Still, that didn’t stop publications from asking if the look was about to “become a thing.”

Marc Jacobs and Locs

The hairstylist for Jacobs’s spring/summer 2017 show, Guido Palau, claimed that the muse for the faux locs worn in his fashion week show included film director Lana Wachowski (White) and Harajuku women (Japanese). When people cried foul over this, Jacobs, of course, had a piss poor response.

Bantu Knots

Marc Jacobs also had people talking in a less than positive way when he had models sport bantu knots for a fashion show in spring 2015. Those who were fans of the look and thought of them as a new trend called them “mini buns,” but we all knew better…


The Undercut

Your brother may have been getting designs in his fade since the ’90s, but the “undercut” was all of the rage with the mainstream (you know what I mean by mainstream…) last year. They also called it a “hair tattoo.”

Beyoncé and Natural Hair

Anytime folks try to say that a weave with a wavy texture is the singer’s God-given hair and one of the reasons behind a “resurgence” in natural hair, you know things have gone too far.


Everybody had something to say when backstage at Derek Lam’s spring 2015 show, stylist Orlando Pita put do-rags on the hair of models to help them maintain their styles before the show. It was, as you would guess, one of the oddest things to see. Thankfully, after a good roasting on Twitter (where people inaccurately thought this was a new “urban tie cap” offering from Chanel), nobody tried to make this a “new trend.”

Katy Perry and Baby Hair

Baby hair is nothing new. People have been gelling down their strands with old toothbrushes for as long as I can remember. Still, that didn’t stop the Daily Mail from asking if it was the newest beauty trend after baby hair was spotted at a Givenchy show and on stars like Katy Perry and FKA Twigs. Someone was clearly late to the party…per the usual.


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