10 Signs You’re Being Hit On By A Guy You Have Zero Interest In

February 9, 2017  |  
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While men are often extremely oblivious when it comes to women showing interest in them, women can be somewhat unaware of the flirtations of men as well. We can confuse a man’s attempt to woo us for a simple attempt at being friendly — a bit awkward, but with good intentions. It’s not until a number is requested, a gaze is a little too provocative or a poem with all their feelings is shared that you realize they want something you’re not interested in. Here are 10 signs that you’re being hit on by a guy (friend or complete stranger) that you have no real romantic interest in or sexual attraction to. Sorry, guys.

They give you a hug with their entire body.

In the instances of running into a guy you just consider a friend, it’s a pretty big giveaway that they like you if they pull you in for a super tight hug. You know, the hug where they can damn near feel your heartbeat? We’re talking chest to chest, almost pelvis to pelvis for a hug that feels much longer than brief.

They “play” tease you.

It’s pretty much grade school crushing all over again. He’s not malicious in his teasing (that would mean he dislikes you), but it’s the type of gibe meant to make you laugh. It’s like he’s hoping to charm the pants off of you by showing you that he has a great sense of humor, which most women love.

They think self-deprecation is cute.

If he’s not trying to make you laugh with teasing, then he’s trying to garner your affections through compassion and sympathy. He says that he knows that his life is a mess, pretends that the relationship he’s already in is torture, or says that he’s not as smart, tall or handsome as the men you’re usually into. He’s likely hoping you will respond with a “No! You’re awesome!” and then somehow fall in love with him.

You catch their eyes.

In the movies it comes off as sexy, but in real life, looking across the bar or turning around in a party to see a pair of eyes staring into your soul is not alluring in the slightest. Well, that is, unless those eyes belong to Idris Elba. In that case, what are you waiting for, sis?!

They leave corny comments on your social media pictures.

From the guy you went to college with to the man who just started following you on Instagram, a guy screams “I’m interested!” if they leave all sorts of random comments on your page when they know you don’t talk to them like that. An occasional “stunning!” is flattering, but more overt comments can make you want to hit the block button (or jump in a scathing hot bath).

They find unique ways to be around and keep in contact with you.

Like the friend of a friend who says you should exchange information in the hopes of checking out an event, or movie, or place that you briefly mentioned your interest in. Or maybe like the colleague who offers to give you rides from work or to the airport and then reaches out for a hug before you bolt the vehicle. Or even like the car service driver who takes you to yoga and all of a sudden says they are interested in checking out a class too. Yes, all of these things have happened to us…

They’re super affectionate when taking pictures.

Maybe he places his hand a bit too low. Maybe he holds on to you like an old high school boyfriend in an effort to pretend he’s just being silly. Or maybe he’s that friend who has to take pictures with you the same way every time — with his eyes closed and lips on your cheek. Whatever the case, he’s way too touchy-feely all of a sudden.

They give you hookups.

You may not think anything of it initially, but when you enter whatever establishment they work for, they’re happy to see you. To show that, they give you the large smoothie instead of the small one you asked for, a discount on whatever you were purchasing, or a super wide grin and extra slice with that one slice of pizza you ordered.

They single you out when in a large group.

You may be kicking it with the crew, but somehow, he always feels most comfortable coming around you to get your undivided attention. There’s also the type who singles you out with that teasing we talked about while standing around joking with all of your friends. Somehow he thinks playfully embarrassing you will pique your interest.

They’re not really happy about your relationship prospects.

You tell them you’re in a relationship or getting married and the response is stale. Granted, you weren’t expecting them to be as giddy as your family or close circle of girlfriends, but you were expecting more than “Good for you,” “Well, that’s nice,” or even lamer, “I’m happy for you.” Yeah, right.


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