The Truth About Bleaching Your Backside

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There is no need to feel like a freak if you’re curious about anal bleaching. There is certainly enough talk about it from your partner and his male friends, and your male friends, pretty much any time the subject of adult movies come up. Many of the positions, grooming trends and toys that are common place in most couple’s sex lives today originated from these flicks, so there is no shame in wanting to know what the pros are up to. Of course, whenever it comes to doing anything…back there…we can all get a little squeamish. We sit on that area, after all, so if anything goes on, life can be very uncomfortable. Since not a lot of your friends have experienced it, and the few who have won’t talk about it, here is the truth about anal bleaching.


There is a purpose

For obvious reasons, the area around the anus can become discolored over time. For some people, this area becomes extremely dark. That’s where anal bleaching comes in. It’s not all about making that area extremely light, but rather about returning it to a more neutral color.

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Not only adult film stars do it

Anal bleaching is available on the menu at many spas that offer more “conventional” services, like waxing and sugaring. There is a good chance you can ask your current waxist if she performs this service.



Here’s what’s used

A chemical called hydroquinone would be applied to the region. This is the same chemical used in many hair dyes, and it essentially stops the skin from producing melanin—the pigment that makes skin dark.


But there are risks

You should know that hydroquinone is actually banned in countries that are part of the European Union, and many doctors do not recommend regular use of the ingredient as it could be a carcinogen.




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There are more natural options

Many anal lightening products use Kojic acid, which is also used to ferment rice. Since Kojic acid is used in the manufacturing of food and some cosmetics, many women feel more comfortable with it than they do with hydroquinone.





So you shouldn’t go in the sun

It’s not a good idea to expose your anus to ultraviolet rays immediately after the bleaching. For most people, this isn’t a problem. But if you like to frequent a nude beach, tush-up, it’s something you should know.




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You may develop pimples

The specific chemical used in anal bleaching can cause the skin around the area to become thicker and form small bumps that look like pimples.

Hand lotion

There is a “self-tanner” option

If you’re not comfortable having another person bleach your anus then just like you can give yourself a fake tan, you can lighten this intimate area yourself. There are creams available for this exact purpose.



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It takes longer for some

The darker your skin, the more rounds of anal bleaching you may need to undergo to achieve the color you want. It’s just like how extremely pale people need to undergo more rounds of fake tanning to achieve the color they want.



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Why are people doing it?

Most people say they do it because it makes them feel more confident during certain sexual positions that make their anus highly visible to their partner.





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There are non-sexual reasons too

People who wear a lot of thong bikinis may see that that area becomes naturally darker, quite quickly. Many people lighten their anus just so they can undo the damage their teeny, tiny swimsuit has done.

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Anal bleaching has gone on longer than you think

Even though anal bleaching is now available in most salons that perform things like bikini and Brazilian waxes, sugaring and more, it used to be offered exclusively by cosmetic surgeons and health spas.


What it costs at a spa

If you have a professional perform the service for you, you may be responsible for around a $150 check. Think about it; that person has to touch your bumhole, after all.

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What it costs at home

At-home treatments may cost as little as $60 for several treatments. That being said, like with dying your own hair, bleaching your own anus puts you at risk of doing an uneven job.

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