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For some women, it’s very hard to admit that they’re mom-material. Maybe that’s you—maybe you think you’re more like second wife/stepmom material. Perhaps you think you’re extremely powerful CEO who just never made time for family material. Or, are you jet-setter, travel-blogger, cocktail-tester material who just makes friends all over the world and becomes like a second mom or aunt to others’ children? Fancy yourself what you like, but if you’re displaying some of these signs, then you’re probably mom material. Don’t be afraid of it; embrace it! It doesn’t mean you need to have children right now, but it does mean that whenever you do decide to have kids, it may come pretty easily to you. In fact, you may be a total natural. Here are sign’s you’re definitely mom material.

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You pack snacks

They’re in every purse, glove compartment, and desk drawer. You would never let yourself or anybody else go with low blood sugar for long. And you know exactly which snacks last the longest and deliver the quickest energy.

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