Signs You’re Definitely Mom Material

January 11, 2017  |  
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For some women, it’s very hard to admit that they’re mom-material. Maybe that’s you—maybe you think you’re more like second wife/stepmom material. Perhaps you think you’re extremely powerful CEO who just never made time for family material. Or, are you jet-setter, travel-blogger, cocktail-tester material who just makes friends all over the world and becomes like a second mom or aunt to others’ children? Fancy yourself what you like, but if you’re displaying some of these signs, then you’re probably mom material. Don’t be afraid of it; embrace it! It doesn’t mean you need to have children right now, but it does mean that whenever you do decide to have kids, it may come pretty easily to you. In fact, you may be a total natural. Here are sign’s you’re definitely mom material.

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You pack snacks

They’re in every purse, glove compartment, and desk drawer. You would never let yourself or anybody else go with low blood sugar for long. And you know exactly which snacks last the longest and deliver the quickest energy.

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You’re a major planner

You know that if you don’t leave the house by 3 pm, then traffic will increase your drive from 30 minutes to one hour, and then you’ll miss the pre-cocktails of your friend’s show, and have to get cocktails after to catch up, and that will make you have dinner too late. You think about these things.






You’re protective of your drunk friends

You become extremely protective of your friends when they’re drunk. You’ve even gone up to men with whom they were speaking and asked, “What’s your intention with my friend?!”


You protect your sober friends, too

If your friend gives off the tiniest hint that she is unhappy in her relationship, or that her relationship is unhealthy, you ask a series of leading questions for an hour to help her figure out her thoughts and feelings.

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You’re very aware of your dog’s needs

Is your dog panting from thirst? But perhaps too sleepy to get off the bed and go to her water bowl? You’ll bring her the water. You notice all of these little details.


Your friends say they can count on you

It’s the trait people use to describe you the most; dependable, reliable, always there, loyal, caring…at the end of the day, they can count on you. You will be there when someone needs it, no matter how you need to rearrange your schedule.

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You do okay on little sleep

You manage not to become incredibly b*tchy and pessimistic on little sleep. You have some inner strength that allows you to still be perky and positive when you’re exhausted.


You remember things…

Like the fact that your friend has a doctor’s appointment she is worried about today, or all of your friend’s particular food allergies.

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You like to feed people

Speaking of food allergies, if you have friends over and someone looks the tiniest bit hungry, you just whip up a few lasagnas like it’s nothing.


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You get joy from handling people’s problems

Helping one friend find a better deal on her phone, fixing another friend’s computer, and bringing another down from a panic attack makes you feel alive.



You make smart decisions

You are not the friend who blows all of her money, drinks too much the night before an important meeting or jumps in on get-rich-quick schemes. You do your research; you think about consequences, and you always consider the long con.

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People call you crying

If a friend needs to call someone while they’re crying, they call you. It’s as if your phone is the “Help; somebody just dumped me” hot line!

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Your purse is a pharmacy

You have band-aids, hairpins, tampons, Advil, tissues—you name it.



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There is no such thing as TMI to you

Your friends can talk to you about their weird bowel movements, funny-colored mucus, and weird sound their tongue has started to make. It doesn’t bother you.


You take colds very seriously

If you hear somebody sneeze, you have them in bed with tea, soup, tissues and cough syrup within ten minutes. And if they think about getting out of bed, you see them through the hawk eyes at the back of their head and give them the death stare until they lie back down.

take him back

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You want to learn and admit your mistakes

You feel no desire to prove that you are right; learning to be better, smarter, more responsible and achieve better results is far more important than your ego in any part of life.


You have a wonderful sense of humor about yourself

When someone says, for example, that you act, dress and talk like a mom, you happily laugh at that—you know how you are and don’t feel defensive when others point it out.

medical tests

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You see the doctor regularly

That’s some serious mom behavior; keeping up with every doctor’s appointment, and even calling the doctor to set an appointment before they call you!


You don’t need to be the center of attention

You know how to have fun, for sure! You can tell a funny story, no problem! But you don’t need to be the woman who gets on the stage at the concert, does the body shots at the bar, or instigates some weird strip/drinking game at the party. Why does this make you mom material? Because you will not be the center of attention when you’re a mom—at least not that type of attention.

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You worry about others. A lot.

You spend any free time you have not worrying about your own problems thinking about other peoples’ problems. How will your one friend afford health care now that she’s a freelancer? Will Susan and Tim’s marriage survive Tim’s unemployment? Did Melissa get that rash checked out?

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