Blacks in the Book: 7 Interesting World Record Breakers

September 19, 2011  |  
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Last week Guinness released their latest edition of their annual edition detailing the records that have been broken over the past year. I, like countless others, have always been fascinated by the book and the people featured in it. Why? When I thought about it, I came up with two reasons. 1.) Many people are on a search to achieve their 15 minutes of fame and being featured in this book will certainly give it to you. 2.) The human is a very competitive animal and if we can’t be “the best” ourselves, we at least want to know who holds the title. Here are some particularly interesting record-breakers you might get a kick out of.

1- Biggest Natural Afro

Aevin Dugas is not just your average social worker from New Orleans. This sister sports the world’s largest afro. Measuring in at 4 ft 4 inches, this beautifully, kinky orb took 12 years to grow. But carrying this crown has its drawbacks. Dugas afro has been known to get tangled up in trees, caught in car doors and when she washes it, she uses five conditioners. The cost of beauty is really real.

2-Longest Finger Nails

Remember when we thought SWV’s nails were off the charts? Turns out those sistas had nothing on Chris “The Dutchess” Walton. Walton, a 45 year old rocker from Las Vegas, holds the record for the world’s longest fingernails, measuring in at 19 feet 9 inches. (If you add the length of all ten fingers.) Walton started letting her fingernails grow 18 years ago on a whim. She said it wasn’t a conscious decision, she just decided it would be easier to let them grow than to keep trimming them. While you would think life would be extremely difficult for Walton she said the hardest thing for her to do is stick her hand in her pockets.

3- Longest Tongue

Chanel Tapper noticed that her tongue might have been a little different when her mother took pictures of her for Halloween when she was 8 years old. In the pictures she noticed that her tongue was longer than the average person. Longer than everybody on record in fact. California-born Tapper, who is now a student in Houston, Texas and says she is ALWAYS conscious of her tongue. When men see it they always think of something sexual and when she shows it to people, 9 times out of ten they ask to see it again.

4- Youngest Top 20 Transatlantic Star

We knew Willow was killing the game in the U.S. but turns out her star was shining in other places across the world too. The Smith daughter will find herself in the book for being the youngest top 20 star at 10 years old. She’ll be amongst good company with Beyoncé, Adele and Lil Wayne.

5- Widest Mouth

People may have told you, you had a big mouth but obviously they’ve never seen Francisco Domingo Joaquim. He was actually featured in the 2011 edition of the Guinness book of world records but his record is still as fascinating today as it was last year– which is why I had to put him on this list. This Angolan born man has a mouth that measures over 6 inches wide. To paint a picture that means he can fit a sideways Coke can in his mouth.

6- Biggest Selling Download

You remember the hit “I Got a Feeling”? I wasn’t feeling the song when I first heard it, but it speaks to you in the club and after seeing the flash mob on Oprah, the spirit of the song was infectious. Which is why it was the first single to earn over a million downloads in the UK.

7- Youngest Person to Fly Solo Around the World

When you think of someone flying around the world, the first person that comes to mind is Amelia Earhart. But since then several people have attempted and succeeded at the feat. But nobody as young as Barrington Irving. Irving, the now 27 year old Jamaican, was 23 years when he flew around the world alone in 97 days.

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