First Family Vacation: 15 Things You’ll Need While Nursing On Vacation

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So after nine months of growing this baby inside of you, it’s time to move around a little more than you have been. Don’t let the fact that you’re breastfeeding stop you and the family from taking a trip or two this summer. Sure, it gives you a little more to think about, but if you’re well-prepared there’s no reason you can’t have just as much fun as everyone else MommyNoire has compiled a list of 15 items to look into while nursing on vacation and before booking hotel reservations.

bebe au lait

Bebe au Lait Cover Up in Blume $36 

It never fails. You guys are just walking into a huge crowd of folks, all with the same idea as you: just hoping to enjoy a beautiful summer day by getting out and about and your baby’s shrieking for her next feeding already. With the Bebe au Lait Cover Up, you should be all set to fill that little tummy, no matter who’s around. There’s a neck strap to hold it in place and the company has patented an open neckline so you can keep an eye on your baby while they’re latching on and they can keep their eyes on their super smart mommy.

twilight turtle

 Twilight Turtle $34

You guys are at a hotel for the evening and you don’t even know where the light switch is when your baby stirs at 3 am, ready for some milk. No worries. This Twilight Turtle is the perfect pick for traveling: it projects real star constellations through its plastic shell and there’s a 45 minute timer to help save battery life. And you can still get plenty of use out of it once your baby gets older.

sakura bloom ring sling

Sakura Bloom Ring Sling $98

Everyone isn’t comfortable with the idea of tying their baby to their body in a sling but as we all have heard — it proves to increase on the bonding between parent and child, especially if they’re still pretty young. Actually, a lot of dads prefer to bond this way since Mommy’s always with the little one, particularly when nursing. This Sakura Bloom Ring Sling is a luxurious way of doing it, but safe and secure none the less. Constructed out of Belgian linens, this sling is light and breathable. It’s also pretty stylish, depending on how the tail is flipped. Gives Dad a way to help out while providing comfort.

Bamboobies nursing pads

Bamboobies Regular Milk-Proof Nursing Pads $35

We’ve all gone through it — even while we’re just kicking it at the house — you’re vegging out on the couch, while the baby’s dozing off and all of a sudden your entire chest is wet with milk and you didn’t even realize it. Don’t leave for that extra-long road trip without some protection. These nursing pads from Bamboobies are made with bamboo velour, which absorbs the leakage and the backing keeps it from seeping through at all.

simple wishes hands free breast pump bra

Simple Wishes Hands Free Breast Pump Bra $39

Your regular schedule’s already pretty hectic as-is, but it seems like when you’re traveling there are a million more things tacked on to the list. Things to remember to pack, items to keep up with and if you have children other than the new baby, it can get overwhelming. What you’ve got to do is multi-task. Face it. Who wants to stop the hustle because they have to sit down and pump? With the Simple Wishes Hands Free Breast Pump Bra you can go on and check things off the to-do list at the hotel while you get that milk out and into storage.

Freemie portable pump

Freemie Portable Breast Pump (from $69 to $199)

It’s one thing to be free to pump at the hotel as you pack your souvenirs, but it’s a whole other treat to be pumping as you and the family hit the amusement park. As long as you have a compatible pump to fit the Freemie system, you’re good to go — and there are quite a few pumps from popular companies that they’re compatible with. The pump pictured here, the Freedom, needs to be plugged in but the Equality pump uses hand-pull action. No matter which pump you end up going with, the win here is that you can pull the milk and store it all with your shirt still on. Slip the cups in and fill ’em up!

milk screen

MilkScreen Alcohol Screening Kit 8-Count $15

Those frozen ‘grown-up’ drinks on the boardwalk seemed like a great idea last night right? Welp. Now it’s noon and the baby’s finally out of the milk you pumped before your alcohol-fueled shenanigans yesterday. Not sure if it’s safe to feed yet? Grab a MilkScreen and make sure it’s all good for the little one.


Milk-Saver $28

Sometimes, you pump and pump and there’s still a small bottle’s worth of milk that leaks throughout the day. Or you’re feeding from one breast and the other is leaking. You don’t have to put your sightseeing on hold to change into a dry top. Nope. Just grab some of these Milk-Savers, slip one onto the opposite breast (while feeding, or both for the day) while in a bra and keep it moving.

dottie nursing nightgown

Dottie Nursing Chemise $59

You guys all had a ton of fun today exploring a new city, stuffing your faces with treats and making new memories. Finally, it’s time for bed and although you know you’ll be waking up to nurse in a few hours, it’s your first chance all day to get comfortable. Throw on this 100% pima cotton jersey chemise from Bellabumbum with the drop down nursing clips and get some ‘Z’s before baby wakes up.

baby rap1

Babies R Us Neutral 6-Pack Terry Burp Cloths $11

Common sense will tell you that some of the best products to use as a mom on the go, are the cheapest. These terry burp cloths from Babies R Us are a no-brainer and to be honest, you should have a bunch on hand before hitting the road. They’re perfect for feeding, burping or wiping crocodile tears away.


Hyland’s Baby Gas Drops $12

Babies can be so temperamental. They’re either crying or cooing happily. Before you board that flight, you’d better make sure you knock out every potential issue first. If you just got through nursing, burp that kid and administer some of these Gas Drops from Hyland’s to seal the deal.

nursing pillow1

Nursing Pillow $39

When you’re taking a vacation with the baby in tow, don’t think that they can’t tell there’s been a change in environment. A nursing pillow is one of the easiest things you can bring with you to keep baby feeling comforted by something familiar. Whether you use it while nursing or just hanging out, you’ll both get some benefit from remembering to bring a little something from home.


Natural Nipple Butter $13

This jar of Natural Nipple Butter is travel-friendly and you’ll be glad to have it along on your summer vacay with the family. Breastfeeding is one of the best things you can do for your new baby but it wreaks havoc on your nipples, that’s for sure. So whenever they’re feeling kinda chapped and achy, rub this calendula cream in. It’s even safe enough for the baby once they get ready to eat.

Sarah Wells breast pump bag

Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bag in Lizzy $90

You never want to kill your trip because you have to pump. Travel prepared with this Breast Pump Bag from Sarah Wells — it’s compatible with a number of popular pumps so do your research to make sure yours is one of them. There’s a compartment for storing the milk once you’ve pumped and slots for ice packs in order to preserve the milk for up to 6 hours. Durable, lightweight and easy to clean — you can’t lose with this one Mom!

portable vehicle adaptor

Medela 9V Portable Vehicle Adaptor $30

Does that 8-hour road trip seem pretty daunting? Are you worried about how you’re going to plug up the breast pump on your way to the destination? It’s a valid concern. Luckily, the folks over at Medela have created a 9V Portable Vehicle Adaptor (compatible with Medela Pump In Style and Personal Double Pump breastpumps) so you can plug in when you guys hit the highway.


Wellbaby D $12

Don’t forget baby’s vitamins while you’re packing your bags! Breast milk has every vital nutrient for your little one except vitamin D. You only have to give him this flavorless drop once a day for baby to be set with his daily serving.


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