Ways to Get a Decent Night’s Rest While on Your Period

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Take a Shower Before Bed and Turn to Granny Panties: A hot shower (or cold, whatever) definitely does wonders for a person’s ability to go to bed comfortably, but when you’re on your period, the power a shower (or bath) can have on your mood makes it an outstanding source of relief after running around not feeling your freshest all day. I also recommend every few days of your period, turning to a feminine wash to clean things up big time, and once you’re out, throwing on your most ratchet underwear–that’s right, the granny panties, aka, big ‘ol briefs. Now, if you live with your man and don’t want him to see you in your garbage bag drawers, that’s cool, bikinis work too. But let’s be real, you want to feel as comfortable and free as possible, and we all know granny panties are good for that. Plus, it’s best to preserve your best panties for the time outside your period because of possible leaks.

Have Back Up Sheets or Make a Pallet on Your Bed: Throwing a sheet under yourself often times doesn’t work, and enough leakage can go through a towel and stain your good sheets. Therefore, it’s a good idea to invest in a pair of “throwaway” sheets. Not sheets you literally throw away, but ones you count on when you’re on your period, that you won’t care about if they acquire a few stains. Maybe some old sheets from your parents house? If that’s not your thing, you can also make a pallet under yourself on top of your sheets (NOT your cover, any stains on that will leave you SOIL) in the hopes that a mess will be minimal when it’s time to lie on your bed thanks to a few layers of blankets.

Be True to Your Flow: Buying pads sucks, I know. If I could sleep in a tampon without fear of toxic shock syndrome, you bet I would. But since we’re not talking about sleeping in contacts, it’s best to reach for your pads at night. When shopping for a new batch, don’t play yourself. You might want to feel as light as you can, but if you know your flow is anything but “regular,” go on ahead and grab those supers. A pad that’s too light for your flow will fill up fast and leaks will be even more likely.

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