10 Ways to Tell That You’re Being Used

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1.    “Isn’t my life the friggin greatest?”

As sad as it is, there are people who can only properly function in life if they surround themselves with a great group of “yes men”.  Often, these individuals are insecure and solely base their worth on what others think of them.  They seek out what they perceive as weak-willed people who by comparison make their own lives appear to be far more spectacular than they really are.

Want to test if your friend or romantic partner only has you around to make them feel better about themselves?  Try this: The next time they tell you something that is utterly ridiculous (For example, “I know that I have to buy my kid’s school clothes, but instead I chose to put some rims on my 1997 Geo.”) don’t be polite, tell them about their foolishness.  If they catch an attitude and try to convince you that the silliness makes sense, they only have you there to co-sign. Friends should be a support system, but healthy support includes calling your friends on their foolery.

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