The Worst Eyebrow Sins A Woman Can Commit

April 6, 2016  |  
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Well-done eyebrows can change your entire face. If you determine the perfect eyebrow style for you, you can even cut back on makeup because good eyebrows do plenty of work to bring out your best features. The right brow can open up your eyes, make your cheekbones look higher, and even adjust the proportions of your forehead. The wrong brow, however, can end up leaving you with a permanent look of confusion, surprise, or come-hither eyes on your face, when you’re not feeling any of those things. Trust me; I did the pin-up brows incorrectly once and had men thinking I was trying to hit on them constantly when I was just trying to read a sign next to their heads. Here are the 15 worst eyebrow sins a woman can commit.

Going too dark

As a general rule, black eyebrows are a no for everybody.




A little arch opens up the eyes. A lot of arch makes you always look like you just saw a ghost. Or, another woman with strange eyebrows.


Leaving too much of a gap

Plucking between the brows to create a clear, clean space is great for all of your facial features. But if you pluck in between too much and create a large gap, it can just look like the first half of either eyebrow is missing.

Going too thin

Thin eyebrows can work on women with very petite facial features or features like small chins or foreheads–thinning out the eyebrows opens up their faces. For the rest of womenkind, though, going too thin looks like you have two worms over your eyes. Or, in some cases, women remove all of their eyebrows and it just doesn’t work.

Going too short

Thin and short are different things; thin refers to the width fo the eyebrow from top to bottom, and short refers to how short you actually trim the hairs that you leave on. Going too short can look like you gave your brows a buzzcut. Hey, at least, they’re army-ready. eyebrows meme eyebrows meme

Shaving them off

Some women believe that the best way to control the eyebrows is to shave them off entirely, and draw them back on exactly as they want them. But you need actual hairs on your brows; otherwise, you begin to look like a mask instead of a real face.

Cutting them off on the sides

The eyebrow should cover your entire eye, and then some. A half a centimeter beyond the eye, towards your ears, should suffice. If you pluck or shave your eyebrows on the sides such that they don’t cover your full eye anymore, your entire face looks squished. eyebrows eyebrows

The tadpole

Shaping or designing the part of the brows that meet in the middle, over your nose, is never a good idea. eyebrows eyebrows

Drawing them in too thick

Super thick eyebrows, like super dark ones, is another look reserved for designer spreads in Vanity Fair or Vogue. The rest of us look like we have caterpillars on our faces when we go too thick.



Doing any color that isn’t natural

Orangey red, purply brown, or any color that wouldn’t naturally grow out of a person’s hair follicles does not belong on your eyebrows. Even if you have purple hair or pink highlights, your eyebrows should remain a natural color, or you begin to look like a clown.

Not blending

You must use a blending brush after applying brow gel. Otherwise, you have an awkward and pronounced line where the coloring stops and your real hair color begins.

Dying them

Maybe two percent of women who dye their eyebrows are lucky enough to achieve the desired color. The rest of us are stuck with a bad brow-dye until it washes out.

Putting the arch in the wrong place

The arch should not be in the very center of the brow. That is where clowns put their arches. The arch should be between the center of the brow and the outside end of it, to open up the eye.

The V

Eyebrows should be in a round shape. Straight, diagonal lines that start at the center and go out towards the forehead look like you have a line of ducks, flying in a V, on your face.

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