The Patience Quiz: Are You Impatient With Your Partner?

November 5, 2015  |  
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Are you a patient person? Everybody thinks they’re patient, but there are true testers. For all you know, you’re one of those girlfriends who other people overhear berating her boyfriend and think, “Poor guy!” So, are you really patient with your man? Take our patience quiz to find out.






He keeps forgetting to check his calendar

He keeps forgetting to check if he’s available on a certain date for that event you guys were invited to, so you can’t RSVP. If you’re patient, you just keep sending reminders, with a smile. You know he can be disorganized.

If you’re impatient…

You yell him that your relationship means nothing to him and you’re just going to go to the event by yourself. You tell him you’re not his mom and shouldn’t have to constantly remind him about things that are important to you.






He buys the wrong groceries

You needed tomatoes and he accidentally bought persimmons. They do look a little similar. If you’re patient you just say, “That’s okay! I can add these to the salad and it will be delicious.” You find a way to refrain from turning up your face.




If you’re impatient…

You ask him how he could make that mistake and if he was even paying attention when he was shopping. You mumble the entire night about how dinner is ruined.






He isn’t being assertive enough in traffic

You just want to get home, but he keeps letting cars cut in front of him and he won’t pass the slow old lady. If you’re patient, you appreciate that he is a sympathetic and responsible driver and try to hold it together.




If you’re impatient…

You flip out: “Come on! Seriously? You’re just going to let that person in too? That’s okay. Everyone else can get home tonight. We’ll just have dinner on the highway.”







He’s easily distracted

You’re exhausted from grocery shopping and can’t wait to get home. But there is a salesperson giving out samples of your man’s favorite chocolate. There’s a long line for samples and your guy looks longingly at it. If you’re patient, you realize that waiting another 10 minutes won’t make that much of a difference.

If you’re impatient

You say something like, “You’re really going to make me wait even longer so you can try chocolate? Just buy some and let’s go!”







He forgot to make a reservation

He’s just forgetful. You get to concerts and he forgets the tickets. You get to restaurants and he forgets to make a reservation. If you’re patient, you realize you’re happy to do anything so long as you have your man’s company. You either wait for a table or you say, “It’s okay. We’ll just do something else.”



If you’re impatient…

You give him the silent treatment the rest of the night and mention whenever possible how much fun everyone else must be having who got to eat at that fancy restaurant.






He stops to help his friend and makes you late

He’s picked you up from the airport. You’ve had a long trip and can’t wait to go home. But your man’s friend calls and says, “I just landed at the airport and I have to go to baggage claim. Can you wait for me?” If you’re patient, you appreciate that your man wants to help his friends.

If you’re impatient…

You tell him that you should be the priority and that you’re ready to go. You think that his friend should have arranged transportation home before he jumped on a plane.








He needs help helping you

He wants to help you put the groceries away. He insists. But he has to ask you every second where every item goes. He’s slowing you down. If you’re patient, you try to stay positive and answer his questions. You realize it’s more important to show gratitude for him wanting to help than to get it done quickly.





If you’re impatient…

You grab the items from his hands and say, “I’ll do it myself.”








He forgot a jacket

You’re at an outdoor event and he forgot to bring a jacket. He keeps asking to go inside to get warm. If you’re patient, you go with him inside or try to find him a jacket from somewhere. You feel sorry that he’s missing out and uncomfortable.





If you’re impatient

You tell him he can go inside by himself—you’re not missing the event because of his mistake.

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