Living With Your Man? Be Careful Not To Treat Him Like One Of Your Girlfriends

September 3, 2015  |  
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When you go from living with another woman—maybe your best friend—to living with your boyfriend, there might be some old habits you take into your new home. But make sure when you’re living with your man, you don’t treat him like your girlfriend! Here are a few examples.





Just because your partner is there when you walk in the door doesn’t mean he needs to hear about how one of your friends slept with a guy she said she’d never give the time of day. You might want to call your girlfriends to gossip.



Coupon sharing

No, he cannot find something to buy in the beauty section at the pharmacy so that you can spend $12 and get $5 off.




Making him hide the scale

Remember how you had your college roomie hide the scale from you when you were obsessing about the freshman 15 (times two)? Your boyfriend isn’t going to do that. It’s a little weird.

Borrowing clothes

You can’t just go into his closet anytime you want to snag a vintage rock band T-shirt to wear. Why? Because he really can’t go into your closet, so it’s just not fair.



Asking him what clothes to toss

“Do I keep these? Or are they classics? What about these? So passé or totally retro?”


Getting him on your Netflix schedule

He is probably not going to get on board to watch Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 with you. I wouldn’t recommend trying to make that your “couple’s show.”

Asking him to share a pint

You could always count on your best friend to share a pint of ice cream with you, guaranteeing that you only eat half. You may need to learn self-control now that you live with your man.



Asking him to do your nails

A foot massage? Sure. A manicure? Yeah, it’s not going to happen.

Roping him into doing a workout DVD with you

Doing a workout DVD with your roomie or best friend always motivated you. But your man is probably not going to throw on spandex and hit those squats with you.

Asking him to do your roots

Do you want to look like a tiger? This is a bad idea for the both of you!




Buying him a fluffy robe

Yes, your old roomie loved it when you grabbed her a fluffy robe or a pair of slippers because it was buy one, get one half off. You can buy one for your man, but it will probably stay poorly folded in the back of the closet.

Making him pick an outfit out for you

“Ugh. I don’t know what I want to wear. You pick something out for me.” You just gave your partner so much anxiety.

Going Dutch on razors

Yes, there is a sale on bulk bags of pink razors at the drugstore. No, your partner won’t want to share them with you if you bring it home.

Trying to get cosmo night going

No matter how many photos you send him of the pretty pink cosmo mix on sale at the grocery store, he will not be down.



Asking him to shape up your hair

Without a steady hand, you’ll lose more hair than you bargained for–and your temper.

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