The Fundamental Differences Between Male And Female Friendships

August 13, 2015  |  
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Women and men go about their friendships in entirely different ways. Some men and women even bump heads when they get into relationships because they expect their partner to be just like their best pals…but friendship means totally different things for both parties involved. Here are eight fundamental differences between male and female friendships.


Women text each other for fashion advice 

Women text each other outfits just to ask “Should I buy this?” or “Is this combination cute?”







Men ask, “Do we need to wear a tie?”

Men only ask each other about clothes to find out if they need to wear a tie and jacket for whatever event they’re going to so they can get in.







Women text each other random thoughts

Women text each other about how annoying their coworker is, or that their favorite sandwich place is out of tuna, or that they’re feeling gassy today.







Men text each other memes

Men communicate via funny memes, gifs and videos they find online.








Women talk about their relationship, no matter the state of them

Women catch each other up on everything that’s been going on in their romantic relationships, good or bad.






Men only talk about their relationships if there is a serious problem

Men rarely talk about their relationships with one another. If they do, they either simply say, “Things are good” or they talk about the problems plaguing it. They don’t say much if things are going well.







Women have structured talks

Women get together and make a point of covering certain topics: work, relationships, family, apartment issues, other friendships, pop culture news, etc.







Men shoot the sh*t

Men just talk about sports, their surroundings–whatever comes up. They let the conversation flow naturally.









Women avoid other women they’re not fond of

If a woman doesn’t like another woman her friend is cool with, she will say, “Let me know if ___ is going to be there. If she is, I’m not going to come.”






Men tolerate other men they don’t like (sort of)

Men will go where another guy they don’t like will be. They don’t care. However, that doesn’t mean they will necessarily be polite.






Women empathize with one another when big mistakes are made

If a woman calls her friend and says, “Ugh, I binge ate” or “Ugh, I spent almost $1,000 while online shopping,” her friend will say, “Aww, it’s okay. I’ve done that too!”






Men call one another out 

If a man calls his friend to share some particularly reckless behavior, that will friend will often give it to them straight.






Women get together every few weeks

Women don’t really feel a friendship is in a good place unless they see their best friends regularly.









Men get together a few times a year

Men can see their buddies every couple of months or a few times a year and consider that friendship intact.








Women like to do stuff together

Women like to go wine tastings, take a cooking class, go hiking, go to a farmer’s market, go shopping, or go to a café with their friends.







Men like to do nothing together

Men like to find someone’s house to sit at for an unspecified period, doing an unspecified activity.

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