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Gone are the days of baby shower celebrations just for women. Traditions are changing and more and more moms-to-be are opting for unconventional baby showers. I have been to my share of traditional baby showers that have been fun, and while that is awesome for those who want it, I really want to have a unique baby shower or gender reveal party when it’s my time. I’m not alone in my thinking.

A 2017 study revealed that gender-reveal parties have surged in popularity since the late 2000s when the first video of a gender-reveal party was posted on YouTube. Since then, these events have gotten even more creative (or dangerous) and both men and women admit to having a good time at the event.

Because of this, I’ve been thinking about a co-ed baby shower where I can enjoy a fun celebration with my husband and our male and female friends.

Should you be interested in not kicking the boys out, here are the best co-ed baby shower ideas:

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1. Diaper The Baby


  • Blindfolds
  • A babydoll for each player
  • Diapers

Have those men put their parenting skills to the test with a fun game that’s challenging to say the least. Blindfold each of the men and have them race to see who can diaper their “baby” the fastest.

2. Baby Bottle (Beer and Wine) Chug


  • Beer
  • Baby bottles for each player or team

Ladies, this is a great way to get guys to attend your shower—who wouldn’t want free beer or wine? Should you happen to know a few good men who little to kick a few cold ones back, invite them to a baby bottle chugging contest. Here’s how to play: Fill each bottle with 2-3 ounces of beer. The first person to empty their baby bottles—with nipples on—wins.

3. Baby Food Guessing Game


  • 5 Baby food jars for each team
  • Spoons for each player

This is a fun activity for guys and girls to couple up, or let the guys be the test dummies. Using their sense of sight, smell, and taste, players must identify the name of the baby food. The person or team with the most number of correct answers wins. Tip: Make sure you choose tasty and icky baby foods to keep things interesting.

4. Pregnancy Twister


  • Twister board game
  • 2 or 3 fanny packs
  • 2 or 3 ten pound wrist weights
  • 2 or 3 pillows

Who said that childhood games wouldn’t come in handy? Strap a pillow on their waist with fanny packs, add wrist weights  and challenge the guys to a game of pregnancy Twister. With the extra pounds, they’ll feel what it’s like to be preggers and the difficulties of moving around.

5. Bobbing For (Bottle) Nipples


  • 6 bottle nipples
  • 2 baby tubs
  • Water

Place bottle nipples inside a plastic tub and fill it with water. From there you can invite participants to kneel before the tub with their hands tied behind their backs to see who can pick up the most nipples. Remember, no cheating. Only use your mouth!

6. Diaper Bag Memory Game


  • 4 or 5 players

This is a fun memory game that everyone will enjoy playing. The first person begins by stating an item found in a diaper bag. For example, “You will find bottles in a diaper bag”. The next person will say, “You will find bottles and diapers in a diaper bag”. Then the next person will say, “You will find bottles, diapers, and wipes in a diaper bag”. This continues for several rounds. The last person who can state the entire list wins.

7. Walk In My Shoes


  • A pile of laundry or dirty dishes in the sink
  • Heels in a variety of sizes for each player

This relay game will leave your entire crew in laughter. Invite the guys to complete tasks from sorting laundry to cleaning dirty dishes or whatever else you can dream up. The catch is to see who can do everything the fastest…in heels.

8. Battle of the Sexes


  • Paper (to write down the score)
  • Pencil or pen

If you have ever played this game then you know how competitive things can get, but rather than focus on typical gender questions, keep things on the baby. Split up the shower into two groups: one team for the guys one for the gals. Have a person ask baby-related questions (make these up ahead of time) to see which sex knows the most about newborns and parenting.

9. Tinkle In The Pot


  • Air-filled balloons for each player
  • Ping pong balls for each player
  • 2 small jars

Any pregnant woman can vouch just how often you have to pee. Have all shower attendants put a balloon under their shirts and place a ping pong ball between their legs. This can be a relay game or head-to-head competition. At the sound of “go,” the competitors will race a distance to drop the ball (still between their legs) in a small jar. Be patient with this one, it takes lots of skill!

10. Pin The Sperm On The Egg


  • Markers
  • Cardboard
  • Tape
  • Construction paper
  • Googley eyes

Draw a picture of a vagina, then cut out pieces of paper in the shape of sperm. Add googly eyes for smiles and laughter. Next, blindfolded each player and have them pin their sperm onto the eggs in the middle of the vagina. Have fun guessing which guy will get it correct.

11. My Water Broke!


  • Ice cubes
  • Tiny plastic babies

This game takes water breaking to a new level. Before guests arrive fill ice cubes with tiny babies. As guests arrive, give them ice for their drink. Whoever ice breaks first, revealing the tiny baby inside is the winner. Just be sure they shout, “My water broke!” when the baby begins to appear.

12. Stroller Racing


  • 2 umbrella strollers
  • 2 baby dolls
  • Household objects for obstacle course

Split the group into two teams. One person from each team will have to navigate through the maze of household items to get from point A to point B. Whoever arrives at the end first is the winner. For an added challenge, strap a baby doll into the stroller and disqualify teams who drop the baby. Have fun!

13. Time the Mama


  • 1 Timer

It’s no surprise that watching a mom and dad-to-be open their gifts can be boring. How many times do you have to watch them unwrap a box of diapers? We feel you. Add a bit of fun to your co-ed baby shower by setting a timer for an undisclosed amount of time. Whoever purchased the gift that the mom or dad has in their hand when the timer goes off wins a small prize. Prizes can include gift cards, wine, beer, home decor, and candles.

14. Who Said What?


  • Paper
  • Tape
  • 1 marker for each player

Before the shower begins, ask the parents-to-be to share at least 10 facts about their own childhood and write them down on pieces of paper. Hang the papers around the room and have guests guess if the quote is from the mom or dad—keeping score on their own paper. Whoever gets the most correct is the winner. This game is a great way to determine who knows the parents best.

15. Name That Baby


  • Paper
  • 1 Pen for each player

Write 6 to 10 animals next to a line. Have each player write down the name of the animal’s baby. The person with the most matches wins.

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