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In the words of Erykah Badu, “See, I been having this on my mind for a long time” and I was just waiting for the right time to lay all of this information down on y’all. This week, there’s been a lot of discussion about cultural appropriation. Specifically with the comment Amandla Stenberg made to Kylie Jenner on Instagram.

While Amandla never mentioned hair specifically, that’s what the discussion morphed into. Originally though, Stenberg’s comments were about appropriating Black culture and Black features.

You all aren’t blind, you can clearly see the ways in which the Kardashian sisters have transformed themselves to resemble Black women: Kylie’s lips, Kim’s butt, Khloe’s butt.

It’s not that these women are racist for wanting to look this way; but the fact that they are profiting immensely off a look many Black women are born with and have been ridiculed for, is frustrating, to say the absolute least. And while we might argue about whether or not the Kardashians should speak out about racial issues, (particularly when Kim has a Black daughter), I don’t think there’s anything wrong about them being made aware of the way their actions are perceived and affect others who belong to the community they are trying to emulate.

I don’t know if the Kardashian family sat down and had a meeting about all the ways in which they were going to attach themselves to Black people, particularly men, to come up. But that’s exactly what they’ve done. If you need some proof, here are a few examples.

As a disclaimer, I’m not bashing the Kardashians for dating and probably possibly even sleeping with most of the men on this list. What I am saying is that it is crystal clear that they used the backs of these Black men as rungs on the social ladder. 

TJ Jackson

It’s no surprise that Kim Kardashian has always wanted to be famous. Back in 1994, at her eighth grade graduation, Kim said “Does everyone get a tape of this? I hope you do so you can see me when I’m famous and remember me as this beautiful little girl!” And she’s been working toward that goal ever since. Before many of us knew Kim Kardashian’s name, she was already making a name for herself…through the men she was attached to. For her prom, she took TJ Jackson, Tito’s son, Michael’s nephew, to prom.

O.J. Simpson

The Kardashian name entered our consciousness when they became associated with OJ Simpson. Robert Kardashian became close friends with Simpson in the early seventies and when all hell broke loose in 1994, when Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman turned up dead, OJ Simpson stayed at Rob’s house. Later, Kardashian would reactivate his legal license to be a part of Simpson’s defense team in one the most talked about trials of the century.

Though Rob and Kris had already divorced in 1991, she leveraged the salacious crime as a way to get her name out there as well. She was seen in the courtroom during the trial and wrote extensively about their relationship in her autobiography, even believing that she could have saved Nicole’s life.

Damon Thomas

At the age of 22, Kim Kardashian was already tying the knot. She married music producer Damon Thomas in 2000 and the couple were divorced later in 2004. In the leaked divorce papers Kardashian said that Thomas physically and verbally abused her. That’s not such a shock as he seemed to have some nasty things to say about her during an interview with In Touch. 

“She can’t write or sing or dance, so she does harmful things in order to validate herself in the media,” Kim’s ex-husband, Damon Thomas tells In Touch exclusively. “That’s a fame-whore to me. It’s just not cool at all.”

Thomas told the media that he was the one who financed her plastic surgery including a a boob job and liposuction.

Thomas denies the abuse claims though, saying that she only alleged this to get more money during the divorce settlement. He says he was the one that filed for a divorce first as Kim was cheating on him with multiple men. He claims he learned of her infidelity when he saw her on a magazine cover with Jennifer Lopez’s ex, Chris Judd.

We don’t know whether or not to believe Damon but there is some definite truth to the infidelity part of his story.

Ray J

The man who made it all happen. Mr. I Hit It First. Though he certainly wasn’t the first, he was the one that took her name to the headlines and the forefront of pop culture. Though the sex tape didn’t come out until 2007, it was made in 2003, near the beginning of the couple’s three year relationship–and before she’d divorced Damon. And though we all can guess that the tape was leaked by either Kim or Kris, there was a time when she denied it.

Nick Cannon

Just after Ray J, or perhaps during a period of overlap, she started dating Nick Cannon. The couple lasted for about a year but, as he told Howard Stern , they broke up because she denied that she’d ever made a sex tape with Ray J. Cannon said that though Kim and her family were some of the nicest people he’d ever met, he could not get past her lying about the sex tape. This was my issue. We talked about this tape…And she told me there was no tape…If she might have been honest with me I might have tried to hold her down and be like “That was before me” because she is a great girl.

‘She’s actually one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. But the fact that she lied and told me that there was no tape?”

Nick said that he believed Kim and her mother might have even had something to do with its release.

Smart one, that Nick Cannon.

Marques Houston

I found this one hard to believe until I saw pictures of the two attending the red carpet premiere of You Got Served and then another of them hugged up together at what looks like an airport. Apparently this was a brief love affair.

Evan Ross

Not Miss Diana’s baby?! Back in 2007, the two were spotted at Mr. Chow’s together and a source told our sister site, Bossip, that they were indeed an item. Judging by the pattern that’s clearly been established here: Black man with a name in the industry, I wouldn’t be surprised. Keep in mind, this was just a year after Evan Ross starred in ATL. Here the two are with Evan’s sister Chudney.

Reggie Bush

I’m not going to lie, I actually thought these two were cute together. But this was before I opened my eyes to the come up game that was being played.

This was s particularly good come up when, in 2009, the Saints won the Super Bowl over the Indianapolis Colts. Naturally, Kim attended the game supporting her man and even managed to crash his post game interview as if she had been practicing with the team all season.


Lamar Odom

Kim has passed on the tricks of the trade to her younger sister Khloe. You may notice that Khloe has also had some work done when it comes to her backside. And, for a while, the world was fascinated with her baller boo turned husband Lamar Odom. By now, you’ve probably noticed how being one half of a couple makes people more apt to talk about you and that was certainly the case with Khloe.

French Montana

Before any type of divorce situation with Lamar, Khloe started being seen, out and about, with Moroccan born rapper French Montana. These two were always odd to me. Left field. But if Khloe was following in Kim’s footsteps, that pattern is athlete, then rapper, then she’s right on track.

Miles Austin

I’d never heard of this brief relationship with this particular football player, Miles Austin. Their courtship was brief as well, sources cited distance as a factor in their breakup. But it might have been because Austin wanted to keep a low profile during their relationship.

Kris Humphries

What I believe was an attempt to up the ante, Kim Kardashian married basketball player Kris Humphries in a very lavish, televised wedding ceremony. It got people talking, but not as much as the divorce 72 days later.

Kim and her krew swore up and down that it wasn’t a publicity stunt.

The Game

Though there was quite a bit of speculation that The Game was romantically involved with Khloe Kardashian, it was actually Kim he had a relationship…or sex with.

In an interview, The Game confirmed that he dated Kim for a hot, quick second, pulling up in the drive thru at McDonalds.



According to both of these two, Kim and Kanye have been skirting around one another for over a decade now. They actually met in the studio when Kim was working as a stylist for Brandy. Kanye was producing her album at the time. He thought she was hot fire back then but you know she was involved with Ray J.

Kanye’s ex, Amber Rose, alleged that the two were cheating with each other while Kanye was with Amber and Kim was with Reggie.

Kanye said he had to take 30 showers after being with Kim, but…I’ll just say my fingers have nearly caught a cramp writing this slideshow. (And this is just a list of Black men.)


Though I would love to know that the Kardashian reign would be ending, with baby Kylie following in her eldest sister’s footsteps, I don’t know if that will be happening any time soon.

Of all the relationships listed here, this one bothers me the most. Kylie is 17 years old and Tyga is 25. Whether they’re having sex or not, the relationships is predatory at best and illegal at worst.

Considering the fact Kylie’s on birth control, I’d assume it’s the latter.

It bothers and disgusts me that both Kylie’s sisters and her mother seem to just be turning a blind eye to this high key pedophilia.

Anything for the lime light though, right?

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