Turnoffs That Will Make Him Stop Mid-Sex

July 17, 2015  |  
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You might think nothing can pull a guy away from a great sex session, and you’re basically right. It would take some pretty outrageous incidents to get a man to stop mid-sex, but those incidents do exist. Here are 15 turn offs that will make a man stop mid-sex.



“Not this again”

He starts performing one of his go-to moves on you and you accidentally say out loud, “Ugh not this again…”






Are you gonna do the laundry?

You notice, while rolling in the sheets, that he didn’t clean the sheets like he said he would and you bring that up.





Baby-talk his penis

“Who’s ready for my vagina? Is this little guy ready for my vagina? Here comes the vagina! Choo choo!”





Call him what his mom calls him

It’s endearing outside of the bedroom that you call him the same nickname his mom calls him. It’s creepy inside the bedroom.



Stomach grumble

It’s difficult for him to concentrate on going down on you if you’re clearly starving and waiting for this to be over so you can order pizza.







If sounding a little bit in pain is your way of complimenting his member size, don’t go overboard. If he thinks he’s hurting you, he’ll stop. Even if you convince him he’s not hurting you, he is paranoid now.



Condom gets uncomfortable

Condoms can do this weird thing where they dry up inside of you and don’t let your guy really thrust. He’ll stop for another one.

“Let’s make a baby”

Even if he is your husband and even if you’ve danced around the topic of kids, it’s not wise to blurt out your decision when your guy is inside of you.






“Oh sh*t I forgot my pill”

Even if you two are using condoms, he’ll still panic and stop everything.






Gag reflex

There’s going to be some gag reflex when you’re going down on him, but if you actually start coughing and choking, your guy will call the whole thing off. He isn’t a monster.






There is a little community of men out there who are turned on by breast milk. And hey—maybe your baby daddy will be really into it. But if you’re a single mom, and you take your date by surprise…that’s nipple play he wasn’t ready for.



An unplanned threesome

Even if it’s with another totally hot woman, your guy will stop and have questions. Questions like, “Wait: is this a test?”



“I like it when people…”

People?! If you want your guy to do something, just ask, “Hey, could you try this?” Don’t tell him you like it when “people” do that. What people?



The dog gets into it

The dog is watching, gets into it, and starts humping his toy. That’s very hard to ignore.







His mother calls

He didn’t mean to grab his phone, but he already did, and just saw his mom’s face and name. Game over.

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