Is Hollywood Cursed? 15 Superstitions And Industry Curses People Swear Are True

June 18, 2015  |  
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We all know that Hollywood is a weird place. But is it cursed? These stories sound out there. But these stars say the evidence speaks for itself. These are superstitions and “curses” that people believe to be true.

The Curse of Billy Bob Thornton

Can an actor be cursed? Rumor has it that anyone who stars with Billy Bob Thornton meets an untimely death. It sounds crazy, but the list of post-Billy Bob passings include John Ritter, Heath Ledger, Bernie Mac, and Patrick Swayze.

The Best Actress Curse

Can winning the Oscar for best actress ruin your love life? This long list of stars suggests that the answer might be “yes.”

The Superman Curse

Could Henry Cavill be in trouble? If you believe in the Superman curse, he could be. Not one but four of the actors who played Superman died unexpectedly.

The Best New Artist Curse

The Oscars aren’t the only awards rumored to be cursed. Hollywood rumor has it that once you win Best New Artist at the Grammys, your record sales, and maybe even your career, is prone to go down the toilet. It’s happened to Milli Vanilli, Jody Watley, Toni Braxton and a ton of other artists.

The Saturday Night Live Curse

Iggy Azalea is the latest musician to fall prey to the SNL curse. But long before she hit the stage, the curse was blamed for Ashlee Simpson‘s lip-synching hiccup, Lana Del Rey‘s flat fail, and the time Sinead O’Connor ripped up a picture of the Pope and it put a dent in her career.

The Nashville Curse

Locals believe that no band from Nashville can go platinum. Only one local act has gone platinum in the last 20 years.

The Bad Boy Curse

In the ’90s, Bad Boy boasted some of rap’s biggest stars. But after several of the rising stars around Diddy ended up dead, injured, deported, in jail or on a career dead end, people started believing that there is a Bad Boy curse.

The “My Way” Karaoke Curse

We all know the Frank Sinatra song “My Way.” But did you know that singing that song in the Philippines has led to so many deaths that the New York Times published an article about it?

The Curse of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

Back when Spider-Man hit Broadway, it looked like it was going to be a huge hit. But then things slowly started to go wrong: Four people were injured during rehearsal; then the director was fired. But the cast soldiered on as the budget ballooned to $65 million, making it the most expensive musical of all time.


Lil B Curses The NBA?

Sometimes rumors of a curse can get out of hand. When rapper Lil B saw Rockets star James Harden performing his “cookin'” dance during the 2015 NBA playoffs, the Warriors fan put the word out that anyone who “stole” his dance would be cursed. Everybody laughed it off–until the Rockets found themselves dealing with a losing streak…

The 27 Club

It’s hard to laugh off the curse of The 27 Club when more than 43 famous actors and musicians have died at the age of 27.

The Terminator Curse

After starring in the Terminator franchise, Arnold Schwarzenegger was stalked by rumors of infidelity, Edward Furlong went in and out of rehab, Nick Stahl went missing, and Christian Bale had his infamous meltdown in 2009. And those are just some of the tragedies that some people say is caused by the Terminator curse.

The Curse Of The Dark Knight

Everyone remembers Heath Ledger’s tragic death just before The Dark Knight was released. But that wasn’t the only tragedy to occur during the time between when this film was made and when it came out. When a stunt man was killed during filming and Christian Bale was arrested for assault, rumors of the curse of The Dark Knight started to crop up.

The Poltergeist Curse

Who hasn’t heard about the Poltergeist curse? Four cast members from the horror film died during the six years between the release of the first and third films in the franchise. They succumbed to everything from surgical complications to cancer and domestic violence.

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