Fun Or Fail: What Kind Of Drunk Are You?

September 4, 2015  |  
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Whenever a guy really starts to fall for a woman, he puts her through one secret test: take her out for a night of drinking with his crew. Will she be fun to party with, or will she be a nightmare? In a way, your drunken self is your true self! So, here is the difference between being a fun drunk girlfriend and being a nightmare.






Fun: You don’t count his drinks

You’re not leering over his shoulder, reminding him how many he has had and suggesting that he stop. You trust that he can control himself.

Nightmare: You don’t count your own drinks

You, on the other hand, do way too much. You fall asleep at the bar. You throw up in front of everyone. He ends up having to take care of you.



Fun: You’re up for cabs

You know it’s most fun when you’re both able to have a few drinks, so you agree to put up a little cab fare.






Nightmare: You force people to drive you

You’re fine with both of you drinking, but you don’t like spending money on cabs, so you pester people into driving the both of you home.




Fun: You shotgun beers

It’s a bonding experience, and it gets the party started. It shows that you don’t mind looking goofy.






Nightmare: You embarrass him

Translation: you’re wearing a dress, and all your boyfriend’s friends see your…everything…while you’re upside down.






Fun: You tell lots of stories

You become the life of the party and make people laugh a lot by telling stories. You provide entertainment. That’s never a bad thing, right?



Nightmare: You tell private stories

You tell intimate stories that embarrass your boyfriend and when he gets mad you tell him to “Lighten up!”


Fun: You hang with other women

You aren’t jealous of or competitive with other women at all! You introduce yourself and make friends easily.


Nightmare: You make out with other women

You get a little too frisky when you’re drunk, and now your boyfriend has to deal with all his friends drooling over your girl-on-girl action.






Fun: You stand up for yourself

You don’t let people boss you around or be rude to you, and that means your partner doesn’t have to step in and get in fights for you.





Nightmare: You fight with other women

You stand up for yourself so much, in fact, that you get into cat fights your boyfriend has to break up.







Fun: You’re down with the drive through

When your guy and his friends have the drunk munchies and want the cab to stop at a drive-through window, you’re down for it. Who doesn’t love late-night French fries?

Nightmare: You tell him he’s getting fat from all that late-night eating

In front of his friends. Ouch!

Fun: You talk to his friends

You make a genuine effort to get to know them and allow them get to know you.








Nightmare: You hang all over his friends

You forget physical boundaries when you’re drunk and talk really close to his buddies’ faces. Simmer down, sis.

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