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Parenthood is not all sunshine and lollipops. Sometimes, you have to come correct and keep it trill with the kids. Good cop, bad cop. As Father’s Day approaches, we take a look at Black TV dads who did not mess around and faithfully kept it 100 with their offspring. And in case you missed the trill TV moms edition we did for Mother’s Day, you can check it out here.

Uncle Phil—Fresh Prince of Bel Air

While Will may have taken all kinds of shots at his uncle’s weight, when things got serious, Uncle Phil was having none of it–but he always had Will’s back. One of his realest moments came when Will and Carlton were mistaken for car thieves and thrown in jail. Uncle Phil read the arresting officer within an inch of his life.

Flex Washington—One on One

Flex was an NBA ballplayer turned sports analyst raising a teenager daughter. While the show was mostly fun and games, when Flex walks in into his home to find a boy named Nightmare (played by Omarion) trying to take advantage of his daughter, he goes off. Nightmare never stood a chance.

Carl Winslow—Family Matters

How trill was Carl Winslow? Just look at his face in this picture…

Winslow was a dynamic cop, a great father, and a defender of his home. The little patience he may have had was driven to the ground by his son Eddie and his neighbor Steve Urkel. But when Eddie drives the family station wagon into the living room, all hell breaks loose. Carl has a complete breakdown and pops off on everybody.

Lucious Lyon—Empire

While Lucious may win a Grammy or two, he can pretty much rule out ever winning Father of the Year. It’s hard to name just one moment when Lucious kept it 100 because he’s always keeping it real. Whether it is murder, blatant homophobia against his own son or constant cheating, Lucious keeps it trill in the worst ways.

Robert James Sr.—All of Us

All of Us was a funny family sitcom that was generally lighthearted. But when Robert found out that the man who raised him was not his biological father things got very real. After dismissing the man who raised him, Robert steps up and admits he was wrong. Keepin’ it 100 sometimes mean fessin’ up to your mistakes.

Papa Pope—Scandal

While we may not agree with anything Papa Pope does, we gotta admit the man sticks firmly to his code. Whether he’s planning to assassinate Fitz, using Jake as a pawn or fleeing the country, Papa Pope keeps it all the way trill.

Robert Peterson—The Parent ‘Hood

Robert Peterson was a calm father who took care of his kids needs, but when the kids started demanding gifts and money for Christmas, he had to keep it 100 with them. He got trill and canceled Christmas so he could teach them the real reason for the season.

Bernie Mac—The Bernie Mac Show

Now, Bernie Mac was kind enough to take his sister’s kids in and be their father figure in her time of need, but that didn’t mean he was about to compromise his household to spoil them. When the kids destroyed his yard and ask for more allowance, he forced them to live in a tent.

Andre Johnson—Blackish

All Dre wants to do is keep it 100. He’s always trying to teach his kids about where they came from while fighting off stereotypes and insecurities at work. When he tries to take the family to lunch at a restaurant in his old neighborhood and they hate it because it’s “low-end,” he forces all the kids to get jobs.

Robert Freeman—The Boondocks

We never find out what circumstances led Riley and Huey to be raised by their granddad, but we do know that he does NOT play—Robert Freeman demands respect. When an evil old Black man named Stinkmeaner picks a fight with him, Robert has no choice but to lay hands on him. Unfortunately, this leads to Stinkmeaner dying from a fatal punch. Nothing triller than that.

Cliff Huxtable—The Cosby Show

Cliff is the quintessential TV dad. He’s lovable, he provides, he’s fun, and when the time comes, he keeps it 100. When Vanessa comes home from college engaged to a man nearly a decade older than her, Cliff goes off on both of them at the family dinner.

Julius Rock—Everybody Hates Chris

Julius kept multiple jobs and he also knew how to keep it 100 when it came to saving money. When Tonya doesn’t like her breakfast, Julius makes Chris eat it because he doesn’t want to waste “$0.30 worth of oatmeal.”

Ray Campbell—Sister Sister

Ray Campbell may have been the biggest prude in this blended family, but there was at least one time where Ray had to keep it a little too real. He laid lips on one of Lisa’s clients, causing her to lose money and the woman to call off her wedding.

Frank Mitchell—Moesha

When it comes to TV dads who kept it real, Frank Mitchell was definitely up there with the best of ’em. Despite being a very serious father who demanded the best from his kids and punished them when they stepped out of line, Frank did his own share of stepping out of line and indulging in trill temptations. He had an affair that led to the birth of a lovechild he pretended was his nephew for years…

Fred Sanford—Sanford and Sons

All Fred Sanford did was keep it real. In fact, he may be the realest TV dad of all time. From poppin’ off on Aunt Esther, threatening to join his deceased wife, Elizabeth, to heckling his son Lamont, you could count on Fred to give you a piece of mind if you stepped out of line.

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