Signs Your Boyfriend Really Is Your Best Friend

June 8, 2015  |  
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People always suggest that singles start off as friends before embarking on a romantic relationship, but very few couples go that route. Still, after some time together, it’s assumed that eventually your boyfriend will become your best friend and the person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life. Here are some signs you’re either on that path or already there.

You send him outfit pictures

And he sends his honest opinion of them.

You call him immediately for advice

Not your mom, not your best female friend, not your sister—your boyfriend. But when he answers, you talk to him as if he is a woman friend: “Okay, so this is the deal…”

You speak in shorthand

Your conversations go something like “Pizza killing morning bang?” You just planned out your entire weekend, and you both totally understood what was said.







And text in shorthand

You also have shorthand for text messages. The previously mentioned example would be a picture of a pizza, a knife, sunshine and a winking face.




You tell him your digestive issues

Not only do you tell him, but he also cares about them. In fact, he asks you on Wednesday if you’re still constipated after Monday’s gluten binge.

You complain together

You could seriously talk for an hour about how much you hate people who want to make small talk with you in line at the pharmacy.

You binge eat together

You text for days about how much Indian food you’re going to eat this weekend, how bloated you’ll both be, and how it will be glorious.

You cancel on stuff together

You get a kick out of calling a friend, on speakerphone, and saying together, “We are SO bummed we can’t make it” before spending the night catching up on reruns.

You can simply ask, “Want to get it in?”

You don’t need all the buildup and the “Are we or aren’t we?” mystery game. You can just ask, “Wanna do it?” and then you do it.

You have fun doing nothing

Like, absolutely nothing. Picking up the dog’s poop in the backyard is somehow full of laughter and selfies.

Your other best friend feels left out

You know your man has replaced your original best friend when your other BFF is upset with you.





You give each other quirky, practical gifts

Like a stand for his iPad that’s meant to go in the bathroom so he can watch his shows while he does his business.

You have the same friends

And you all make plans together.

You have to remember to do date stuff

You have to remind yourselves to do romantic stuff, and you both agree it feels like a chore.

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