How Carmelo Anthony Reacted To LaLa’s Nude Scene In The New Season Of “Power”

May 5, 2015  |  

In a recent interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, LaLa Anthony let the world know just how serious she is about pursuing a career in acting. Not only did she ditch her VH1 reality show to be taken seriously by casting directors, but she also ditched her top while filming the new season of “Power.” Apparently, the season two storyline called for a sex scene featuring her character, Lakeisha, and Mrs. Anthony dived in head first. Keep reading to find out how her husband Carmelo Anthony reacted to the scene and more.

On feeling pressured about her physical appearance:

That’s women in general. It’s a constant struggle to keep everything together and I think all women go through that in different ways.

I just want to feel good about myself and I know when I’m falling off. I fell off the bandwagon a little bit now so I started a new program today to try to get back on. 

On the benefits of having a vagina:

It’s power. I wrote a book called The Power Playbook [laughs]. It’s just unfortunate that most women don’t understand that and use it to get the power.

On her success having nothing to do with hubby Carmelo Anthony:

Melo and I have a great relationship, but we keep our businesses separate. I have my own businesses and he has his. I have the make-up line, the clothing line, the book, the acting, the producing. I feel like I’m doing well independently on my own and then it’s great that we can come together and be a force together. I have my own sh-t going on.

On being reluctant about dating Melo:

[DJ] Clue introduced us. He was the one like, “Yo, my man been watching you on TV.” I was like, “Nah, I’m not going to mess around with a basketball player.” They come with such a stigma. I didn’t want that.

On reality TV damaging her acting career:

So I’m not doing the reality show anymore.

Reality TV is not for me anymore. I loved it. I had a great run, but I don’t want to expose so much of my personal life constantly.

I found that reality TV hurt me in acting, which is what I’m really trying to do right now. It hurts you in the acting world. They look at you like, “Oh, that’s the reality girl.” Then they don’t take you seriously or your audition has to be 100 times better than anyone else just so they look at you. I had to let that go to dive in and be taken seriously.

On struggling to be submissive:

It is hard, but I had to teach myself that you have to do that sometimes.

In the book, I talk about there is a such thing as being too independent. I see that with a lot of women I’m around who are successful and have careers. You want to wear the pants in a sense and you can’t take that from your man or whoever you’re dating.

I think you should be submissive, at times, to any man that you respect.

On going topless for the new season of “Power”:

On “Power” this season I have my first sex scene. Have you guys seen “Power” sex scenes? [Melo said] he understands that it’s my job, but he doesn’t want to watch it.

It’s so funny, 50 was like, “You’re going to be out of here after this episode!”

Well, one thing about “Power,” to be on the show you have to sign a nudity clause off the bat because, at some point, everybody has to show something. It was tasteful and respectful so I felt good about it and I’m acting. I’m taking it serious and it comes with the territory.

Watch LaLa’s full interview on the following page.

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