Danny Glover? You Mean “Mister”: Actors We Just Can’t Separate From Their Iconic Roles

April 21, 2015  |  
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These celebrities may have moved on, but we’ll always remember them as the characters we loved (or loathed) the most. From “Mister” to “The Terminator,” these are the iconic roles of the stars that we can’t seem to let them move on from. Do you have any to add to the list?

Angela Bassett As Tina Turner

You ever see a picture of Tina Turner and think, Tina looks different for some reason and then remember you’re thinking of Angela Bassett in What’s Love Got To Do With It? I know I’m not the only one!

Danny Glover As Mister

The Color Purple may have come out almost 30 years ago, but I’ve never really forgiven Danny Glover–er, Mister, for what he did to Celie.

Denzel Washington As Malcolm X

Malcolm X may have been one of the best cast biopics of all time. In fact, Denzel Washington was so good as Malcom X that sometimes it’s hard to tell them apart in pictures.

Diana Ross As Billie Holiday

Speaking of perfectly-cast biopics, we watched Lady Sings The Blues so often in my house that Billie Holiday and Diana Ross will always kind of feel like the same person to me.

Chris Tucker As Smokey

I can’t be the only one who watched Rush Hour and thought, Look at Smokey hanging out with Jackie Chan! Because I still look at him as that character, I was holding out hope that he would be funnier in Silver Linings Playbook. Oh well…

Jon Hamm As Donald Draper

Every time I see Jon Hamm in a comedic role I keep thinking, This is kind of beneath Donald Draper

Katey Sagal As Peggy Bundy

Katey Sagal was one of the most dangerous women on TV for the seven seasons she was on Sons of Anarchy, but she’ll always be Peggy Bundy to Married With Children fans.

Steve Carell As Michael Scott

Anyone else still avoiding Foxcatcher because they just can’t wrap their head around how Michael Scott could be so cruel to Magic Mike?

Chris Rock As Pookie

OK, Chris Rock eventually reached a level of stardom that allowed him to grow out of his New Jack City roots, but I’m sure he had to put up with “Hey, Pookie!” for a long time.

Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman

No matter what role he’s in, Christian Bale always comes off a little insane to me thanks to American Psycho.

Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia

In her biography, Carrie Fisher said that “George Lucas ruined [her] life” with the iconic role that everyone knows her for, but he did so “in the best way.”

Tyler Perry as Madea

Tyler Perry seems ready to move on from Madea, but it may be a while before we can watch him in a film (like Gone Girl) without thinking of him in a dress and a wig.

Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Terminator

Arnold Schwarzenegger and his Terminator character are so inseparable that people used to call him The Governator when he was in office in California.

Guillermo Díaz as Scarface

It took me a few episodes of Scandal to stop seeing Guillermo Díaz as the stoner from the cult classic, Half Baked.

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