Funny Examples Of Modern Day Chivalry (It’s Not Dead, Just Different)

April 8, 2015  |  
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Opening a door? Walking on the side of traffic? That’s old news when it comes to chivalry. Today, men have to navigate the complicated world of emojis, attachments, and URLs to show you that they’re a gentleman. Blame it on everyone’s dependence on social media.

Here are 15 funny modern day chivalry rules. Chivalry is not dead–just different.

Note: Prepare for a lot of sarcasm.




Gasp! He actually picked up the phone and called instead of just texting? His mother raised him right! What courage. What gusto.


Deleting his Tinder account

Aaaw. He’s giving up all the booty that’s just a swipe away, all for you.




Punctuation in texts

It’s so important to him to express his feelings to you in an enthusiastic manner that he ditches the periods (or lack thereof) and puts exclamation points in his texts. He’s a keeper!

Not sleeping with a drunk woman

Some call this chivalry; others call this just, like, not assaulting a woman…

Sharing his Groupon for 2

He could have shared that brunch with two mimosas included (specials and seafood excluded; offer only valid Tuesday through Friday) with anyone, but he chose you.

Sending a d!ck pic and asking for nothing in return

The selflessness is just unheard of (again, sarcasm).


Emailing your parents

He opened his laptop and even looked up a an e-card to send to your parents! What a gentleman.

Not getting wasted on a first date

That must mean he really wants to build a connection.

Offering to be the designated driver

Talk about sacrifices. Practically a saint right here.

Sharing your accomplishments on Facebook

You post a status saying you received a promotion at work, and he shares your status. Now that’s a man who supports a strong, independent woman.

Not sharing your relationship details on Facebook

He also gets serious brownie points for never (ever) posting passive aggressive statuses about the fights you guys have. The amount of self-restraint is just mind-boggling in this day and age.

Googling your interests

Aaaw! He Facebook stalked you to find out what foods you’re allergic to and what your favorite movie is. How sweet.

Standing up for you…on Facebook

Some guy bullies you, on Facebook, and your guy stands up for you, on Facebook. The comment thread is just blowing up under your status. The tension is palpable. He’s made it clear that he won’t allow people to disrespect you like that.

Using his Uber app

“Oh honey, don’t worry. I’ll stand on the street corner and hail a cab…errr…I mean push a button on my phone.”

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