“I Left The Bullet In The Hole” Michel’le Recalls The Time Dr. Dre Shot At Her

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Ever since singer Michel’le transitioned into the world of reality tv, she’s been very open and candid about her relationships with both Dr. Dre and Suge Knight. And while we might assume, based on his track record, that Suge was the most violent in their relationship, it was actually Dr. Dre who gave her the most trouble. It was quite the shocker. And since the news is so unexpected, it’s the question that consistently comes up during her interviews.

Recently, the R&B Diva sat down with Vlad TV and revealed some more details about the extent of the abuse with Dr. Dre, including the time he shot at her. See what she had to say in these excerpts below and then watch the full video below.

You and Dr. Dre have a child together right? 

Yes, he’s 24. Right at the peak of my–I went on the Hammer tour and found out I was 6 weeks pregnant and we had two more months to go. I had to come home and drop that baby and finish out some more shows and then I became a stay-at-home mommy. Which made my career go *makes car screeching noise* I don’t advise it if you want to be in this business. The baby can take a year and a half off.  You want to bond with your child.

Her relationship with Dre after the child 

It became more strained because he was able to get up and just go where I couldn’t do that anymore. I couldn’t follow him anymore. And I think it became more disrespectful because then, if you’re not there, somebody else will be. I don’t want to say he wasn’t ready to have a baby but he had already just had a baby. When I met him he had two women pregnant… When I met him one was in the belly and then one had just dropped. So there were two babies born within a year or so apart. And we had just started dating…So three already, one had just came out and one was in the belly. That was five. Mine made number six. While I was with him he had two more. I know! I know! I don’t know I just guess I cared for him. I know it doesn’t make sense now.

How bad the abuse get?

I had five black eyes. Oh I was getting dragged on the floor, shot at…

What led to the shooting?

We partied…and I guess I don’t know what I always did. And I always say it couldn’t have just been me. So one night we was arguing, he went and got the gun and I just made it through the bathroom door and he shot at me and missed me by this (holds up measurement fingers) much. He shot at me. And  you know what I did? I left the bullet in the hole. It was in the door and then it went through the side of the wall in the bathroom and I left it there for a while, just so he could see it. But he never tried to shoot me anymore. Thank God. But the beatings were…it was a lot.

You know what my grandmother said, eventually: ‘When a man beats you, he doesn’t like you. He has women issues and it starts probably with their mothers.’ And I said ‘You’re probably right.’

Their breakup

Oh! I tried off and on. I would move out. Ok, yes, I would move down the street. Ok maybe I wasn’t trying to get too far away. But because we always got back together. We had been together for almost a decade. We would break up, I’d give him three months to sew his wild oats, thinking ‘Of course we’re going to get back together.’ And that didn’t happen. And I think his last wife, I just couldn’t do it anymore. It’s too much. I’d already waited out the babies, the baby mamas, the hookers, the hoes…I was growing up and I was just going, ‘It’s got to be something better.’

Was it for the money?

And it wasn’t about money because we (her family) were never broke. I never got with Dre for money because he didn’t have a driver’s license, a car or insurance…or a house. We lived with his Auntie, who I ended up calling mommy.

Was he helping financially with his child?

Yes…well, I had to take him to court but…well, that’s an issue right? You should never have to do that. But now they’re great.

If he just would have done the right thing, I wouldn’t have needed to go to court.

Lord. Michel’le has been through it all! You can watch the full interview below.

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