Exclusive: Bravo’s Daisy Lewellyn Reveals Rare Cancer Diagnosis & Why It’s “The Best Thing That Ever Happened” To Her

March 25, 2015  |  

MN: Several years ago, my mom was diagnosed with stage three cancer as well. She beat it, but it changed her forever. Her faith skyrocketed during and after that. I know that you’re also a woman of faith. Has this situation impacted your faith for the better or the worse?

You know, I really think that’s the best question I’ve ever answered, Jazmine. Cancer has been to my faith what Miss Jessie’s has been to curly hair. I mean like, oh my God. Oh my goodness. First of all, you hear something like this and you’re like, “What can I do?” I didn’t sign up for this. I had no idea this would happen, so what can I do? At that point, I realized that there was absolutely nothing that I could do but there were so many possibilities of what God could do for me. I really just decided from that point on that I have to stand on my faith. I feel like this entire journey, my faith and my hope have been working together.

Cancer is tough and people always feel that it’s tough because of all of the physical changes that you go through, but it’s also very challenging emotionally. It’s also very challenging mentally. It’s very difficult for anyone who loves you so not only are you being affected, but everyone around you is being affected. I have always lived my life as a happy person. I’ve always felt so blessed. I’ve always been able to see the light and understand how God is so awesome. So I didn’t really see how I could be diagnosed with this and then all of a sudden change and not be a happy person and not have faith and just give up. That’s never been my personality. It’s been challenging and there definitely have been days that have been a little less than bright for me and I’ve cried some days and then the next day I wouldn’t cry. But my faith has gotten so much stronger. Honestly, as crazy as this sounds, cancer has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. It’s been the hardest. The absolute hardest thing. That absolute most difficult thing that I would never wish on anybody, but I think it’s been the best thing for my life. It’s so much bigger than me and it has literally shown me that when I did not think I was going to make it, when I did not even know how to get out of the bed, when my fever was so high that I was shaking and having chills and just crying out to God, I was able to see how literally he would heal me. A lot of times with cancer, people think that it’s about reaching the stage where you don’t have it anymore. But I can’t focus on that. I have to focus on the journey and focus on every step being a stepping stone that gets me closer to God.

MN: Has your diagnosis caused you to reevaluate your life in anyway?

I guess somewhat. I’ve always had a pretty positive outlook on life, but what I will admit is that last season, we would argue. Sometimes I was involved in silly, petty arguments. At the time, things felt like they were so hurtful, but then you get diagnosed with cancer and you’re like, “Oh, no problem. I don’t even care.” In that sense, I think it helped not to so much reevaluate my life but to recognize the power in life. There have been times in this journey where I couldn’t get out of bed by myself. Someone had to help me up. So when you’re able to get out of the bed on your own, you’re like, “Wow.” It just makes you so grateful for every little thing. It really helps me to not sweat the small stuff because we’re alive. I don’t want to fight with you because we’re alive. I don’t want to hate you. I don’t want to dislike you because we all have life. I’m not saying it means you have to like everybody, but it helps you to realize the power of life and the power of your influence.

MN: It has to be exhausting welcoming the world into this part of your life.

It’s exhausting talking about this, but it’s not in vain. When I first decided to share my story of the diagnosis with producers and with the world I was like, “You know what Daisy? You have to do this because cancer is bigger than you. There’s someone who is supposed to be inspired. There’s someone who is supposed to be motivated. There’s somebody who got diagnosed and they don’t feel like they can make it. They need to see your journey.” It’s not like my journey was perfect or that I was skipping through the fields everyday but I never took my hand away from God’s hand. Although it’s exhausting, it’s not just about me, it’s about somebody else. If I can just inspire one person to not throw in the towel and not give up, to find purpose in their pain and turn their tragedy into triumph, then I think I’ll feel a lot better.

“Blood, Sweat and Heels” returns to Bravo Sunday, March 29 at 9 pm.

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