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Did you hear about the woman who got divorced because her husband is too big? I can’t be the only one who wanted to tell her there’s a way to work it out. These sex positions for big men are the key to working it out when he looks like he’s working with too much.

Foreplay, Foreplay, Foreplay

Did you know that the vagina can expand to 200% it’s size during sex? But that only happens when the engine is revved all the way up.


Clenching up is a perfectly reasonable response when you see a monster. But the key to comfort is relaxation. A long bath and a glass of wine will help take some of the edge off to keep you from tensing.

Lube Up

Did you know that women who use lube are more likely to reach orgasm?

They’re also more able to be accommodating. Splurge on the good stuff and get ready to be surprised at how smoothly things go.

Take It Slow

Rome wasn’t built in a day. And if he’s willing to introduce you to little big him a few inches at a time, you’ll avoid the soreness of going too big too fast.

Get On Top

From there you can control both the speed and how deep things get.

Close Your Legs

This variation on the missionary position not only feels great, it will help slow him down.

Get Creative

There are a ton of sex positions out there designed especially for the bigger-than-average man.

Change Angles

The cervix is designed to stretch. But sometimes hitting it too directly can hurt. If that happens ask him to change positions until the discomfort goes away.

Enjoy A Cervical Orgasm

Dealing with the overly-well-endowed can come with it’s perks. One of those is a cervical orgasm. Stimulation along the cervix wall can lead to deeper, more satisfying orgasms.

Try The Grapefruit Technique

If he’s got a lot more than a mouthful, the grapefruit technique can help you pleasure him orally without hurting yourself.

Don’t Worry About Getting Stretched Out Of Shape

Vaginas are amazingly elastic. But if you’re still worried about keeping things tight, a few kegels will set you right.

Speak Up

This woman tried to grit her teeth and take it and she got divorced. Don’t be afraid to tell him to slow down, back up or take it slow. If he won’t listen, it’s time to tell him this isn’t going to work.

Still Hurts?

See your gyno. Sometimes pain during sex is a sign of a bigger problem. Disorders like endometriosis commonly go undiagnosed and can prevent the cervix from stretching due to scar tissue.

Drink Cranberry Juice

UTIs after sex are often — especialy when you’re… dealing with a lot. You can do more to keep UTIs at bay by going to the bathroom right after you’re done to clear your urinary tract.

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